Make-up moves


:bgrin: I’ve been making up some moves for fun.

Whatcha think of this sample?

Special Moves:
Kougeki Sen (Ground Projectile)
Shousen kiru (Anti-air Slash)

Super Moves:
Kougeki bakufuu (Ground Blast attack)

Like it?

If you have a made-up fighter, what moves would you like to make up?


Super Move:

" Yes ! " ( My fist in your ass)

Special Move:

" Shin in you !" ( My foot in your ass)


If you don’t like my thread, don’t post it homo… :arazz:

I’m being respectful here…


This topic technically belongs in Gen Discussion, but truthfully, no one cares.

Go away.


Banhammer is an awesome move name.


Hadoken. It’s a fireball.


Make-up moves? No one cares about your shin-eyeshadow techniques. Are you a guilty gear player?


Maybe you meant to make this thread there?


crouching roundhouse

sweeps opponent


I didn’t say nothing,you said make up me own move did you?I gave it to ya.I you that sensitive,you should make a thread named “Where is Gamefaqs ?”


I win move = You win, perfect!

Lock. =/


How should I go away? You’re in my thread. :wgrin:


I’d play when I have a chance so…no… :sweat:


I like where this thread is going.

I forgot my addition.

It’s called Jumping C. It hit’s the opponets head and can cross up.


I challenge you to a MM at Evo. Not money match, mom match. Bet it.


“You peoples” are really something… chuckles


Well, SK is back and well, your gunna taste what he has =D.


Umm… My thread is about making up special moves. Or maybe I wasn’t very clear… Hmm…


Ya!! (kick)

Hiyaaaa!! (punch)


“You peoples?” IS that a diss to the black folk? Fuck you and fuck Imus. And fuck your mom once I win. In da butt.

If this isn’t a prelude to oral rape I don’t know what is. You even used the dick smiley.