Make use of bad players


If you’re bored of playing so many bad players on GGPO, you can still make use of them. Play with decent player in one window and with bad player in another window. It’s much more fun than ordinary game. The buttons you press will be registered in both windows’ at the same time. Only focus on back window when you’re in a long combo or between rounds.


Yo, close both windows and go play offline sometimes. It really helps!


only hella salty and bad players would bother making a thread like this…


If you have offline scene.



i don’t know. looks like you’re fishing for respect/recognition and you posted the names of the players you deem “bad”. if this thread was funny in any way like your avatar then post away.


I’m slightly above average player. Player in background was so bad that this shit was possible to perform while completely ignoring him, and still win every time. I didn’t say play 2 good players. Big window is dedicated to better player, and you should focus on that game. Anyway, try this if you can and see for yourself.

First, I’m salty for posting this, then I’m just trying to get some recognition for beating random noob online. You’re acknowledging that this is some high level shit by saying that I asked for recognition, so thanks, but I don’t want your recognition.


Players like Ryukenden give the GGPO community a bad name


Nope. As far as that ‘community’ goes, Ryukenden is quite nice. TRRRUST ME.


Speaking of new players, how many of you constantly switch characters on them? If you do, please stop.


you’re saying you want people to pick their shit even if they’re beating on you right? yeah I can understand why it sucks. you’re trying to learn the game and they won’t give you the opportunity to play against their best. if someone wants to keep playing my main I would definitely always oblige. some of my best learning experiences were just getting shit on by Yun over and over until I figured out how to fight him. I’m glad those guys kept picking him and didn’t go pick their fourth best character because I wasn’t worth their main’s time or whatever.

on the flip side if the skill gap is really big I don’t have a huge problem with it - better that you get to play their side characters and have a chance at actually playing the neutral, and better for them because they can toughen up their side characters and work on holes in their game.


Soooo tired


Thats not saying much for the GGPO “community” lol


I know how to use more than one character though.


I think the problem is that by frequently switching, you cheat both players out of something–you growing the base level of competition by preventing this player from getting matchup experience, and preventing that player from learning the matchups. I mean, if I know you’re a Ken player, I’d challenge you for experience against Ken. Not… Ibuki.


But you’re approaching this like we are a bunch of little kids that can’t separate ability from skill. I’m not going to play ken if I’m using Oro and my having chosen Ken might have less to do with me as a player than how the community has chosen to take on the meta-game. I just don’t want to play low forwards anymore, I’m tired of that scrub game. No one benefits from it, it’s the time sink apparatus to 3s.

Unusual opinion I’m sure but if you’re losing, you have no right to call out a character switch on the grounds that I’m not as good with Ibuki as I am with Ken, yet I’m still winning. Maybe you should stop seeing it as fighting styles and see it as fighting with a style.


The problem isn’t playing something other than your main. That is fine, and probably a good idea because it lessens the skill gap some so the newbie can learn better. But people (not any one of you necessarily) constantly complain that others don’t know shit, and switching characters on beginners trying to grasp matchups every other match is part of the problem. You don’t learn matchups by playing two games against Chun, oh wait now he’s playing Oro for a game, now I’m being Genei-Jin’d to death…

I had those kinds of experiences learning SF4, and it sucked ass.


Like, when I got to play Pyro, Yi, Ed Ma, etc and was still learning I didn’t really get to play their main characters until way later. That was because they would always choose a bunch of other characters. Now I’m not going to say this is THE way to do it, sure it’s not, but at the same time this whole game is about approach. You can’t very well play the same game unless you consider your approach more closely and how you approach the player becomes much more important than how you approach the game. Approaching the game against a high caliber player will get you taken out of the game quick. Being able to see your opponents moves as his/her moves rather than Ken’s “footsie game” is how you will eventually come to gain a deeper understanding of the game. Like, Gootecks’ Urien headbutt and Pyrolee’s Urien headbutt were too completely different things. I always knew when Gootecks’ headbutt was coming, simply because of character approach and never really knew when Pyrolee headbutt was coming because I had to always be looking out for it.

Uh…I don’t know where I was going with this…


Seems like a peculiarity of players who came up in so cal that they hate playing/acknowledging footsies in 3s. Not just Dander, I feel like I’ve heard this attitude from a lot of 3s specialists from that region. Obviously doesn’t apply to everyone.


It’s too vague and only serves to entrap the lower end. If someone “better” than you says work on your footsies, he’s basically saying work on the part where you set up your attack. Or approach your opponent differently. Footsies in boxing is a way to control your opponent’s perception, footsies in 3s is just a way to force your opponent into a block string. At least based on what I’ve seen in matches and heard in commentaries. I guess it’s also because the old heads weren’t all console only babbies, so we got out. We played sports, we got into fights, we converse with the “enemy” ( see “Really good opponent” ) and we didn’t think that we were e-sports athletes that need to obfuscate every step of their abilities because it was latent and not a conditioned response with sustainable stimuli, you know?

It’s mainly because whenever you hear someone say “work on your footsies” they’re basically saying you can’t get in, find a way. It’s a real “no shit” moment and you rarely, if ever, find or hear a highest level player telling someone to work on their footsies. They are specific.


I like this conversation guys. Gunna join in before drinking some green beer.

Footsies in 3rd Strike is so big, because of parry in particular. So much of the movement and what buttons are hit or not hit is to throw off or counter the almost invisible parry Footsies. Even parry Footsies is an awkward term because spacing and parry Footsies are so closely tied together.

“Footsies” is spacing between characters, when to press a normal button depending on spacing, when to make it seem like something will hit but move out of range, what normals will outpoke and counter the other players normals, when to jump and attack, when to empty jump, when to dash, what you do to open up the dash, guess parry/block approaches, parry buffer from normals, when to block a move and when to parry it, how you decide to tech throws, etc.
The list goes on.

Dander makes a good point about how vague it is to say “improve your Footsies” to an intermediate/beginner player without giving specific details.