"Make your case!" - The Phoenix Wright Match-up Thread



All right. With some support from the primary Wright thread, I’m making this thread to discuss Wright’s match-ups. Unlike most of the cast, Wright’s evidence system prevents him from having a solid, consistent game plan other than “OBECTION!OBJECTION!OBJECTION!”. Therefore, we need to figure out how to deal with Wright’s (MANY) bad match-ups. Wasn’t someone saying something about Strange or Dorm in another thread?


Against zoners in general, papers are vital. In Trial, evidence comes out too slowly. You really need assists that can help you get in, like Tatsu.

As for Strange, haven’t playeed enough of them.

As for Dorm, if your opponent is charging up after superjump fly, snag evidence if you don’t have a full set. Cellphone is vital. You need to learn how to read Teleports and convert them into Objections.

How do you people deal with Vajra spam? Simple mode buddy has a new tactic.


How is Maya H versus Dorm? He’s forced to either jump and stop his game, or eat a low and stop his game. You then have time to call assists, get evidence, whatever. Sounds solid, but I don’t use Wright often enough to have experience here. (I really should use the poor guy a bit more often…)


Dorm has a teleport. Biggest problem with that.


>Dr. Strange

Oh boy, Strange. Maya Shield -> Trial -> Paper Zoning. Land your best combo on him and have two meters to DHC, because Wright does not like zoners at all. It helps if your incoming character can zone of course. Strange’s biggest issue with Wright isn’t just that he can zone, it’s that he can do a tracking teleport and he can teleport counter. Don’t ever use evidence on Strange unless you know it’ll land.

One thing I’ve been trying lately is what I will call “walking-shoryu” with Wright. I’m too slow to remember to use it in matches, but it’s exactly what it sounds like - I’m going to use Press The Witness as a horizontal… er… anti-ground? Like I said, I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to see if I can use it to punish teleporters. Unlike actual DPs, you can convert off Press The Witness into a pretty damaging combo using the Illumination loop. It would be great for Strange’s back teleport - if it works anyway.

As for Vajra… Shield. Once you’re in that, you can punish the assist itself with normals, but if the opponent is actually jumping in at you, go into Trial and cancel into OitC. If you get a proper happy birthday, XFC and kill the assist and punish the point character. If the two characters are too far apart, let it slide or DHC.


If talking about good matchups for Wright I think one of them is Doctor Doom (providing you can get at least the vase or cellphone) but before that I wanted to type about how people respond to evidences based on me playing with local players. (If you’re going to mount a zoning offense in trial mode or stall
then switch to get more evidence.)

Papers: Generally I’ve seen people either hesitate or jump to the papers’ blindspot.

Vase: Good against characters who rely on tri-dash, big characters (Hulk, Nemesis), and sometimes air teleports. Players tend to advance guard the vases if you’re locking them down with the vase,
Watch: Mostly this makes people jump or super jump towards you, sometimes they jump back.
Photo: People get surprised by how fast the beam travels then after that they mostly either crouch guard, or shoot projectiles back at you after the beam sometimes projectile hypers, also makes people hesitant to call some assists.
Knife: Only good against big characters and some characters with limited mobility since the startup is slow and it gets destroyed easily by other projectiles.
Cellphone: People will jump or superjump a lot (thus making the cellphones miss) providing you have assists to back you up and if you had the opportunity to setup cellphones. Without assists they either teleport at the right time to make them miss and punish you or just inch slowly towards you.
Folder: Nothing really people just hesitate a bit or none, can be a good frame trap if you can get up close and hit him/her with it. (providing you have assists or in the corner and used Maya hyper and they don’t know it’s +6 on guard)

Hopefully that does help someone, alright so Doctor Doom.

I think this is a good matchup for Wright because of the fact that you can dodge his plasma beams and his air :h: laser with :d::l: in trial mode. You can also easily destroy his photon shots with your papers and evidence.

Vase and cellphone can limit his mobility a lot if he doesn’t have a projectile assist backing him up which forces him to super jump and photon shot you giving you time to switch stance and get evidence or continue pestering him with the vase or cellphone. If he manages to get close on you watch out for stray footdives (standing :m: can beat footdive but it’s very risky) and try to focus on the mixups that the person will do, and if the opponent is using Doom and Ammy TAC using Order in the Court is risky since either Doom or Ammy will pick you up when you reach the floor.

Another thing I would talk about is Skrull since it’s a tough match up if the Skrull players know about Wright’s options.

It’s a tough matchup since Skrull can command throw you out of Maya’s shield, meteor smash and rolling hook can bypass most of your zoning. IMO this matchup is a battle of the players either knowing a lot the opponents characters or none since command throw mixups during evidence search is risky (50-50 air throw or ground throw) and reset setups.

The only thing you can do in this match up is if you can predict the Skrull players habits and outsmart him/her. Otherwise it’s best to leave another character to handle him.


Some thoughts on match ups.
This match up is an odd one for Wright. Nova has this great ability to get past Maya shield pretty easily. My advice is not to call out Maya when he’s near you. Also be prepared to just block when you call out Maya. Don’t risk getting evidence, Nova players can get past Maya and punish you. Also Nova has can zone out Wright with his shield and energy javelin. My advice is to make sure you get a horizontal piece of evidence and the cell phone. The cell phone is very important in this match up. Without the cell phone evidence, Nova can move around full screen with little to no check.

Strange destroys Wright. Three words, Eye of Agamotto. This sphere can soak up all projectiles Wright can throw at Strange. Strange can shoot out his Daggers of Denak and horizontal Mystic Sword behind the Eye of Agamotto and he can send the Eye of Agamotto towards Wright to prevent air Objections and general advances. All Strange has to do is keep his distance and he’ll win. If Wright comes to close Strange he can just teleport to safety. Maya doesn’t protect Wright completely from the Spell of Vishanti so I don’t bother calling her out.

I think Wright vs Spencer isn’t a bad match up for Wright. Wright can stop a lot Spencer’s advances with Maya but, be warned that Spencer can command grab Wright even with the Maya shield protecting Wright and can lead into a combo. Maya super trades with the Bionic Arm and the Judge super beats it so you don’t have to worry about random supers because you can react to them. The best thing you can do is zone out the Spencer player.


Totally agree about your points on Nova, he is a problem his tri-dash is your worst enemy if you time it right you can get around his energy javelin spam by jumping with your back in the corner the instant it begins to fall from the top of the screen and try to snag a quick piece of evidence.


i think papers do well agaisnt wolverine and wesker,
also wright can lame out frank in any level


Paperwork is something that needs to be used a lot more often. It, along with Trial Mode cr.M, makes for really stupid anti-airs that you can confirm off of. And since it’s safe on block you can use it to run away as necessary, or keep someone locked down where you need, most preferably in the corner.


Hey guys, how do you approach your matchups in marvel and what questions do you ask yourselves while you study on this?


Matchups are discussed on a 1 v 1 basis (can X do this against Wright’s shield, does Wright have ways of punishing X’s move, etc.). Then you talk about what assists/characters mitigate PW’s weaknesses. Check the discussion thread for more info. What’s your team?