Make your own avatar

Hey to all those who create or have created their own Avatars particularly Gif ones.Whats the best software to use and where can you download it from.Considering my current was constructed from the mere MS Paint id like to do something better but never tried it out before.

photoshop of course with image ready… :clap: :xeye:

Cool cheers I’ll try it out.

Only other thing I found a gif image that i would like to use.But its bigger than the ava limit will photoshop let me scale it down or will i need to get smaller image?

Alternatively look at this.

Thanks again

yeah you should be able to umm i exactly forgot where it is but umm it should say image size on the edit bar i think bah…hope that helps some…

yayyyy for open source :tup:

Is this better than Photoshop & Image Ready?

It’s a bit less userfriendly and allmost just as powerfull imo.

The upside is that it’s free so just download it and try.

If you’re gonna do animation IR is way better to use I think
but again… Gimp is free.


It’s not better but far more thsn the average joe needs.

Ah, I see. I’ll give it a shot.

Sending him to the normal GIMP homepage is bad. Installation is too damn hard.

Here you can find easy to use installers and get to AV making faster.

wtf?? Have a little faith in humanity pls???

I choose to believe that he is able to find the download link
and scroll down and read.

From there he will be taken to the automated installers
for any of the platforms that’s been precompiled.

He, like some of us, might not be whoring the winblows os.

But you ment well so cheers :stuck_out_tongue: