Make your own light table!

Everyone who is good with carpentry and electronics should check this out.

Looks very slick. I bet Peter (SFMC) has one of these rigs.

Damn this shit is so pimp. Too bad both of my gears aren’t connected like this. I have a seperate light box and a drafting table. I need to make one of these, but I don’t know shit about carpentry.

cool idea… only problem with the design in the tutorial is that you’ll have to open it up to fix anything - eg; change a blown light tube, or any electrical component that may need replacing. The author mentions that he doesn’t think you’ll need to open it up often - if at all - but I guess I’m too much a believer in Murphy’s Law.


Does anyone if a house light will work? Those lights on the ceilings of classrooms. I guess since you only need to see thru the paper, and color correction isn’t necesary, it should be ok.
Peter, just cut a hole out of your table and put the light box underneath. I would really do this if I have room for a draft table .

I am not up to cutting metal:lol:

Ditto Rook…I also Own a light Table- well Light “Box” in my case- Bought it off of a friend who made it in his Shop class- he said he had no use for it so he gave it up- anyways - the change of a pair of florecent light bulbs is all it takes…by lifting up the front Glass which is used for the drawing surface, so far no poblems other than the broken Florecent bulb when I picked it up from him 3 years back… oh well It was chaep and its all I could afford then, it still does the job.:wink:

don’t let it die, guyss!!!

peter, u should take a pic of your drafting table, i wanna see