Make your own Trials!


Since the trials in 3SOE weren’t… Very… Good… To say the least, what trials would you guys make?


j.HP, st.MK, EX Flash.

j.HP, st.MK, SA2.

(Opponent jumping) st.MP, EX Air Knee.

MP Flash Chop, EX Shoulder into SA2.

(Opponent jumping in corner) Air Dive, st.HK, EX Flash.


I can already do all these


Crouching jab, close jab, crouching jab xx super!
( airborne opponent ) Air dive, Boot, standing strong xx EX air knee
( Against Ken that is one hit away from stun and crouching )close mk, strong flashchop xx any combo you want.

The last one is especially good if you are playing a Ken that gets a good second wind. What you do is you play a regular pressure game and wax arrogant with your walk then when you get close enough to do something, go for the low parry ( Ken will have been blocking low ) and hit the knee into combo. There aren’t too many of these situations, though. There’s maybe three plausible ones that leave your opponent at about half life before the stun set up.


I think the point is to create a more community ready approach to the game instead of some arbitrary “learning curve” that involves ultra tight super pink oh wait wrong thing, Ultra tight TIMINGS ( lol ) that require you to integrate with the hardware. Meaning you use hardware cues to pull off your shit instead of a self made timing to the game.

Maybe I’m just pissed about Ken’s last trial being that stupid ass 2 1/2 stock Q juggle. It shoulda been the kara uppercut. Too “Impractical” for common use but just good enough to help you in learning other parts of the game, like kara grabs, hit confirms and something else. I forget.


The point of the trials isn’t to teach one how to play the game or practical comboes, but to test can you perform a series of tasks increasing in difficulty, hence ‘trial’. I think the trials were okay in this regard, even though I couldn’t do some of them, like that Ken vs. Q bullshit ripped straight from that one legendary 3s combomaker’s vids I now forget.


Ken vs Q isn’t even the most awful one for that character. ground EX tatsu -> SA3 on Elena is worse. dumb as shit.


The elena one is an easy setup, just do strong fierce ex tatsu…or was it fierce ex tatsu?


I thought the point of Trials was to teach one how to use a character. I guess you’ve played too much SF4.


A ‘trial’ does kinda imply a test of ones ability rather than an instructional activity. In spite of that the trails could have included some real play difficult combos like Ken Kara uppercut or keeper Jin or TOD or triple tatsu, etc.

What they should have implemented, considering the expected new player base, is a character skills mode with various difficulties going from simple BnB to some of those previously mentioned combos. Give people something to use.


Considering the ambiance of the entire game, I really doubt trial means a trial of skill in the personal sense, but rather a character trial. To try them on for size. I know it’s kinda gay to think of it that way considering I’ve tried a few women on for size and it wasn’t tackle tackled headbutt but given that you mentioned this game was more for the birds than the stones it would make sense that they be provided with a method to try out their character.

It’s like a purchase, you know, selecting your character.


You thought wrong, dumb-dumb.