Make your own Virtual Console?

I searched but couldn’t find another topic about this. Can someone direct me to n article or instructions for making a low cost PC designed for playing emulators on a TV?

Your best bet is an original XBox. Most softmods anymore are droolproofed beyond belief.

Costs involved:

Used XBox: $60-70 (Gamestops WANT to move these… badly)
XBox Game Shark: $30 (used for transferring your hacked save to the console)
Used copy of your particular game: $5-10

Total: no more than $110-120, after tax.

It emulates, to varying degrees of success, everything from NES to CPS3 (CPX3 is decent, with only occasional slowdowns with SF3:NG and SF3:3S, mostly when you throw a fireball the first time in a match).

I’m not sure about PSX and N64, but I mostly use my 'box for arcade fighters, so…

After that, I might suggest investing in a Happ-modded SFAC. Arcade games, arcade controls, right?

That’s not bad advice actually… and I even see modded Xboxes on Craiglist all the time.

Does the Xbox have USB ports?

I wonder how hard it is to add additional RAM to the original Xbox. I understand the soldering points are really tiny. But doing that increases emulator performance…

Technically, the controller ports are all USB, but they only really work with Xbox controllers and Xbox dvd remote dongles. Some software can use other things, like Xbox linux using USB keyboards, but this is rare. Expect to use an Xbox controller for everything.

game crazy has xboxes for 50

Hey, that’s even better, then. :3

I was wondering the same thing, and concluded a modded xbox would be the best bet.

Agreed. My gameslist is pretty modest, although I did leave the hardware stock, plus put a couple backups of (actually-owned) games onto the hard drive for faster loading.

I have, as far as fighters go:

Games with XBox ports:

Hyper SF2 (both XBox and CPS2 emulated)
SF3: 3rd Strike (XBox and CPS3 emulated)
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos (XBox)
Capcom vs. SNK 2


Street Fighter 2 series (one version of each release)
Street Fighter Alpha series (again, one of each)
Darkstalkers (and possibly Night Warriors as well, not sure)
SF3 New Generation

Fatal Furys 1, 2 and Special
KOFs 94, 96, 97 and 98
World Heroes series (1, 2, 2 Jet and Perfect) (Note: my WHP has the boss hack)
Samurai Shodown II
AOFs 1 and 2

Killer Instinct 1 (arcade)

and SNES ports of most of those, plus TMNT:TF.

And I still have about 300MB free, although I wiped all the soundtracks that came on my console (wasn’t cleaned when it was traded in).

So, you can see why it’s a good decision.