Makeing a stick of the xbox360 Remote Control? possible?

Hasn’t seen this before, is it even possible?
or why hasn’t anyone done it?

Isn’t the remote control IR based? Even if you could control games with it, you would need constant line of sight with the Xbox360.

I have a Harmony 880, which should function the same exact way the standard remote does and once I get into the game, the only function that works is bringing up the blades.

CusmaR, making an arcade stick using the remote control from an Xbox 360 DVD Remote or Universal Media Remote is out of the question. tokerblue answered to both issues. First off, you do indeed need a line of sight with the infrared port on the Xbox 360’s face. I’m not sure if you’d want to drill a hole in your stick just to have a microwave shoot out of it. The second issue is that the X360 does not actually allow you to control games with the remote. Sure, it works fine on the dashboard and when playing DVDs and other media, but for games, you can’t actually use it as a controller.

ah ok! had no idea that it was IR. it was my guess but since i never seen one i wasn’t sure.
It would be a cheap solution otherwise.

Thanks for your time!