"Makey Makey" Conceptual Controllers


So there was the dakimakura in the Check out my stick thread… then I saw this. Imagine kicking someone’s ass using a pile of bananas. You could use this for some REALLY fun but impractical all button controller setups.


Yeah I know about these for a while. They look fun, but I am sure the novelty will wear out quickly.


Hahaha. Ask @armi0024 about the Makey Makey. We have had some ideas for that thing. Ice cube controller for one.


Smores stick, with marshmallow and chocolate buttons… Then you eat them between matches!


Every win you eat a button and now you have one less button to play.


Figures you guys already knew about it. I like your handicap concept darksakul. It’s a much better one than my drinking game (winner drinks till he’s so sideways that he starts losing). Obviously this is nothing but novelty but I’m sure someone creative could come up with SOMETHING. For example Honda hands on a finger piano would probably be MAD easy.


I had an awesome idea for an EVO demo…
Body paint Hit Box!