Maki: Cvs 2 Rebirth. (AKA "The Sweet Ninja" )

“No D” Is back in the house. Gunaa take My Lady Maki to “ECC”. Best Maki Player on the EAST COAST! :confused: :smiley: I thought I start a new Maki thread. Its no fun looking in old theads anyway.
Feel free to post anything. If Maki player’s have any questions about Maki I will try to respond.

Peace “No D” out!:frowning: :mad:

You haven’t seen my Maki. If I bring her to ECC, you might have to withdraw your first line. :cool:

Anyway, I listed this in the last thread, but one of the most interesting tricks you can do is against any non-Shoto and not on Ryo (for some reason), run up to dead body after a knockdown. Whiff close stand fp. Buffer 720. fp causes block animation and locks them if they try to move. If they RC wake up, free damage. Kyo and Iori’s DP’s seem to get caught up in this 50/50.

Timing is tricky, but if you can get it down it’s really fucking sneaky. I got it in casual play with dj-b13 when he was at my house.

EDIT: that whole whiffing fp thing, i forgot to mention that you cancel the fp into the 720 so that the hitbox of the fp never actually connects with the opponent’s sprite at all. otherwise, you’ll whiff the 720 or get hit before it comes out.


what do I do against blanka? I nothing else gives me as many problems as he does.

Well, what Groove are you working with?

I use Maki in P-Groove, and I haven’t had many problems with Blankas. Yeah, what groove are you using?

I can’t deal with Raiden… :rolleyes:

Maki has to turtle against Blanka. She can fight him fairly decently because her Crouch Fierce rapes his Jump (then again, her Crouch Fierce seems to mess up lots of people’s jumps…). But she can even walk up to a Blanka Jumping straight up and down and get off the Crouch Fierce, unlike most characters.

If Blanka does a Blanka Ball, an instant Running Slide (Fireball + Kick, Forward Kick) will catch him.

The biggest problem is that from the front, Blanka’s Crouch Fierce rapes all of Maki’s fun running games. So if you do plan on attacking Blanka… it’s tough. You can come off the back wall with a QCB + Jab, but Blanka’s Air to Air priority (esp. with that annoying Jump Straight up Fierce) usually gives him the advantage in this situation. Basically, the best way to play Blanka is to play carefully. You have to reduce your typical “sporadic” Maki gameplan and resort to careful pokes from the front. Fireball + Fierce is good for Blankas who sit there and do nothing (at the right distance, of course), as well as getting in some instant Running Overheads (Fireball + Kick, Roundhouse). But as I said, Blanka’s Crouch Fierce will kill that all, so you have to pick your moments.

So Maki can fight Blanka if she turtles, but Blanka can fight Maki better if HE turtles. Not a fun match-up on either side, really.

  • James

After a full range qcf+fp, mash on KKK. Free hit on anything Blanka does afterward. I usually run up stand mk, sweep, qcf+fp, KKK, and one of them gets a hit in.

I play scrubby N.

sup ya’ll

i’ve recently had a couple good runs w/ maki on live

was wondering about a couple things

james chen believes that maki must be moving to be effective

my maki isn’t that sporadic more controlled and reactionary and
occaisionally rushing down…anyone play similarly

i’m tryna get those 720 tricks listed in the thread but i’m a lil slow on the draw

i didn’t find a guard string in the thread…any good ones? or am i not look good enuff

is the qcf+p a pretty safe move if blocked…i’m all about kgroove
and i get free jd’s afterwards…is it cuzza sucky comp or no

enough questions for now lol

the m3 team
maki+mai+morrigan2 kgroove

Mummy-B ,N Jchensor gave some good pointer’s. If Blanka tries to chip you with Electricity after a knock down on a wake up (RC or not) remember the 720 super . Play hit n’ run. Oh… and some random Maki stuff. Maki can hcf p air grab blanka out of his “ball”. (charge back 2sec foward n’ punch) You can also 720 air grab the Blanka ball for some oh’s and ah’s Both are not practical though. But it looks soooooo hardcore. Maki’s air hcf p must have invincibility or hella range. I sworn Ive grabed Sagat ,and Blanka out of Jump straight up fierce.:eek::o

No-Def out.

No D, do you have a block string that you usually use that’s relatively safe? I just run the all over the fucking place doing max range pokes and shit like that.

any k groove specifics ya’ll? i get free jd’s after ppl try and punish a well distanced 236+fp

jd a ball and u can run in into 236236+k,k…that’ll make a blanka think twice if he has a chance to think at all
if no meter than jd puts u in postition to 236+p him for free

anyone like kgroove maki

I abuse her shit with K Groove.

One of the best things about it is, her KKK move is so underrated because “it takes off life.” Since this isn’t MvC2 it’s negligible, and after Just Defending in a match so much, you get enough life back to not even worry about it.

but yeah i’m tired so if you want anything really specific then post it up and i’ll do my best to answer if you like.

I play Maki with a controlled sense… rushdown P-Maki gets slaughtered vs. certain characters. But I make good use of free jump-ins! :smiley:

Throughout the whole match, I try to play Maki like she only has ~4500 hp left (desperation style), and I don’t even think about supers because she’s my P-battery. I need to save that shit for Balrog, because it’s a fact that P-Rog sittin on lvl3 is scary shit.

That’s not to say I don’t rushdown with Maki, but I tend to feel out the opponent’s play-style first, and figure what’s safe, and what I can pry/parry my way into. Seems to be a pretty effective mindset.

yea this was definitely the wrong forum lol

anyway…maki stuff

buktooth found some shit out for maki
so this shit aint mine

but when u knockdown in the corner there are some options

air qcb short drop 720, throw, or combo

when ur in the corner u can cross up w/ the dive kick

aw what the hell here is his whole shit on maki:


  • For Maki, I never thought her mid-air 720 was practical at all, but I saw Iyo land lots of them. On me. It’s easily one of the most humilating things to get caught by in CvS2.

  • One thing that I thought was too advanced to ever work was to tick into 720, but instead tigerknee it and grab their attempt to jump away. Impractical? Maybe, but I saw it happen a lot.

  • When you combine usage of c.fierce and s.roundhouse for different angles, Maki has a very tight anti-air defense. Even against low jumps! Occasionally I saw close roundhouse being used as anti-cross up also.

  • Backwards run into tigerknee off-the-wall moves are really good, especially the jab wall jump one. They all have their uses though; Dive kicks are fast and have really high priority, the grab is actually useful that low to the ground, and the short drop thingie for baiting anti-air attempts.

  • I’m not sure how it is set-up or executed, but when you knock the opponent down in the corner, you can do some really cool stuff with the off the wall moves, like a cross-up dive kick that I swear is unblockable (actually I think you might have to block the roundhouse dive kick one way and the forward dive kick the other), off the wall dives, or drop down with short and do something else, like go low or do a 720. Sounds fun… too bad I didn’t get a chance to (attempt to) talk to Iyo and find out his secrets.

I pretty much do the same. If you stop moving you die? Maki is really a “free style” character. If you can think it you can do it. So many movements.:mad: :D. Block Strings that are realtively safe. I need to post some strings. They mostly involve the Final Fight chain like c.lp s.lp c.lp I know It combos. You can even kick super after it.( qcf2 k level 3)
c.lp, s.lp,,,
s.lp,, s.lp,,
I will post more later If anyone ask’s. If not… I will still do it, but later. Iam kinda sleepy. :lame: :wink:

No-D peace.

Cool thanks… Have you gotten that chain into d.fp whiff link roundhouse kick super to work? The timing on that is fucked, and I can’t seem to whiff the throw at the end on larger sprites like Sagat.

On that note, standing far roundhouse into Level 3 kick super in K Groove on an even ratio Sagat takes off 75%. Too good.

sono konbo wa muzukashi dayo! I need to practice it more often
ore wa mr mem janai yo!!! :lol: :o :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


sou ka. muri kana

just did ok in a tourney…owned some fools up w/ k maki

when raged apply pressure and for some reason low jump d+mp into 720 was consistent

vary your hieghts and types of the wall moves

qcb+lp low to the ground is surprising…sure to land u a few combos

lul them w/ many air qcb shorts then mix it up

stand rh into kick super or stand fp into kick super or into kick super= MAAAAD DAMAGE

close mk into qcf punch is rather safe

if ur getting rushed do short+forward+roundhouse works well

just a lil bit…all has prolly been stated b4…if so i only reiterate and support