Hey guys… i use them on K groove, just curiose as to who should be R2 … akuma? ( main reason i use akuma is for shungokusatsu )


should i even be K groove?! also… when is the best time to pull off a super? ( i seem to have trouble landing them )

it seems like a pretty bad K team… Joe should probably be your anchor since he has the most life. How often can you land the raging demon? you might be better off in N groove if you can land it consistantly.

Does Maki’s spin kicks rage her? Cause that would rock…

hey thanks, yeh i dont have a problem landing the raging deamon… thats half the reason i love it so much, the problem is landing makis kick thingy … i never knew when to execute the moves … so i guesse ill give n a try… more advice is still welcome and appreciated

i don’t think u should use akuma in k-groove unless u r really good. Joe should definitely be your r2

Akuma has a good rushdown in K if you play him right. Just remember he dies when someone farts on him.

Joe would be the R2 he is a fucking monster in K, guy is just sick in that groove.

I like those characters in P groove.

Meh that team sucks IMO, nothing going for it…Except the no one plays Maki factor…

Joe should be your R2. If you’re going to play it in a different groove, I would suggest Akuma/Maki/Joe(2) in that order. Maki’s level 3 kick super is just awesome, so you’d want akuma up front for meter. In K groove I would still put her in the middle on account of the “no one plays Maki” factor, as it was called. Maki can break up your opponents rhythm really well. Maki is tough, though. You need to be able to combo into her beastly kick super. Read the huge thread in the Maki forum. S.rh xx kick super is around 50% damage on everyone, including most R2. I shy away from Akuma with a rage bar. Akuma and pain just don’t get along at all.

Other possible (interesting) teams you may want to look into for K-groove:

Hibiki/Maki/Joe(2) or Hibiki/Akuma/Joe(2)- Hibiki is just solid.

Joe/Maki/Kyo(2) - Have Kyo anchor. Beastly.

Mai/Maki/Joe(2) - Joe is the pimp. Mai j.rh is fun.

You can always mix and match with the top tier, for the anchor spot especially. Don’t be afraid to switch up your team.

if you want to be pimp play that team in A-groove and have joe be ratio 2…

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