Maki Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

Maki’s complete command list and frame data at Finest

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hehehe, maki is the only profile they have. But a veeeery nice one though. Very thurough. I never knew that the lvl1 720 was invincible all the way to the grab part. But she can still be hit out of it since the active frame is not invincible, right?

actually, I’m sure of it, cus I’ve seen it happen.

The link is down: could anyone post it back up?

what’s cr.MP used for?

is there a specific time frame when you can cancel far s.FP to super? while it’s in the active frames?

you can’t “cancel” into s.hp, but you can “link” it. just to clarify that up.

you get 1 frame to link into s.hp.(which is as hard as linking two with blanka) so it’s normally not a good idea to rely on that combo.

what i use for is to cancel into command run/stop for her throw setup.(which is a good way to build bar if you’re in any groove except S and K).

i do after either or c.lp, since both normals give +3, it gives my opponent 3 frames to throw out a normal(which is barely enough to throw me, so i often get a counter hit on them)

thanks for the tips.

i meant, cancel far standing HP into a Super.

WindyMan, the framedata layout is much cleaner now. It looks more like the official guidebook layout now. Nice job.

whoops, sorry about that, misread the post.

for s.hp xx super, you pretty much have to have a fast wrist. i still don’t get the cancel down 100%.

i don’t know why this helps, but whenever i do run(f,f), s.fierce xx super, the execution becomes more consistant. i’m not sure if it’s a psychological thing where if i run, before i do the combo, then my wrist gets more in the rhythm and i can execute better…OR if it has some crazy properties where you can buffer slightly earlier if you run, s.fierce. try it out though, it might help. if not, you’re gonna have to build up your wrist muscle :)(or thumb strength if you play on d-pad)

does maki have a command sweep move? shows different frame data for than

what the hell is that?

It’s a mistake, it’s framedata for Kyosuke’s launcher.

is there any use for s.far mp? pretty much the same as s.far mk, but longer recovery and a bit more dmg. does it have better priority or reach or something?

i don’t think there’s a good enough reason to use s.strong over s.fwd, since the recovery is a big issue. you can use s.strong to be different.

vs blocked chunli super: xx super does more damage than xx super

you get more hits of the super doing instead of i think the same goes with and s.hp.

you MIGHT be able to get full damage off of s.hp xx super if you run a bit before activating super, but then you run the risk of mistiming the super and missing the combo.

this is extremely character specific. maki with level 3 kick super vs chunli with any level kick super. i hadn’t really tested this with maki’s level 1’s and 2’s.

standing strong beats some stuff that standing forward doesn’t. like random sagat limbs.

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is priority based on how much damage a move does?

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i haven’t seen her s.fwd get beat so badly that you need to resort to s.strong for footsies. whenever i’ve thrown out s.strong, i feel like my momemtum just hit a sharp turn or something.(probably due to the recovery time).

in situations where s.fwd does get beat, most of the time it was due to me just spamming it a little too much. if i focus one when to throw out s.fwd, it usually never gets beat. but then again, i’ve never used s.strong…so i’ll try out s.strong and see if it’s actually worth using.

the problem that i’m worried about is when i finally find out what s.strong does better than s.fwd, maybe they it might not be that much better and it might lose to something else that they may throw out instead. FOR EXAMPLE[this is not true, i made it up completely just for the example]…let’s say s.fwd loses to sagat’s s.short on occasion, but s.strong beats sagat’s s.short clean, however it loses to sagat’s s.fwd and c.fierce badly. would you wnat to risk using s.strong against his s.short even though s.fwd can do the job on occasion, to be hit by something else? (alright the reason why i think this example is somewhat valid, is cuz i truly haven’t seen s.fwd get beat to the point where even if you focus more on your spacing/timing you’ll still lose.) s.fwd is an all-purpose normal for maki. maybe s.strong is useful, i’ll try it out more to make sure.

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