Making a career out of gaming

Hey guys I came here to ask some questions about making Evo gaming

How did you guys get started?

Can you make a living off of this, or would you just consider this a hobby?

How many hours a day do you guys train?

For people in school, how do you balance school and making time for gaming?

How do you balance this out with your social life?

Do you guys play in other games competitevly to make more money?

Im just curious because I wanted to get serious about gaming?

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You can’t make a living of gaming. With the poor economy of the US and the fall of the dollar you can’t make a living of a lot of things. You can still play MMs in your games, but that shouldn’t be your main source of income.

To get started, buy the game, go into training mode, get your execution down, then find the best players and play them.

A formula you should probably follow is School > Social > Gaming.

Anyways, if it’s not fun, it’s not gaming.

You got to learn FPS games if you want bigger prizes.

Why make a living when you can make… a killing?!


But seriously, FPS and only because of the sponsorships, and be prepared to eat a lot of Kraft Dinner.

You should ask in the SF4 section… ::shifty eyes::

u can make a living off of halo in mlg

thats the only console game that comes to mind to
pc games
yea fps games pretty much

Move to Korea and play Starcraft. =/

Im not trying to sound like an ass here, but doesn’t Justin just play Poker and fighting games all the time? I mean, from what I heard, I have no idea what that guy does besides that. He’s at almost every tourney possible and everything. I did hear something about him just playing fighting games and poker at the Screwattack and the magfest videos. He told SA that and he said himself that he wished that tourneys and shit would pay out more money.

There is a lot more money in poker than fighting games.

Yep, that such an understatement to Poker biggest tourney anywhere from 9-12mil. Evo is like 5k… huge huge difference.

Here’s my easy five-step plan for making a career out of gaming:

  1. Be Korean
  2. Play Starcraft
  3. Get good at Starcraft
  4. Get sponsored
  5. Profit/make money

Yeah man, About last year I heard That he does that shit to pay off school/college stuff/Fund.

He’s GodLike.


Go home and be a family man.

you have to be insanely good and goto almost all of the tournaments and win almost every single one, on top of that MM as many people as possible.

Doing that I believe JustinW made like 35 grand last year. But as I said, he wins almost every tournament, hell he’s even starting to win SSBB tournaments just for more money.

So if you got skills like Wong then go ahead and try though you’d easily be making as much money if not more doing a decent job and gaming on the side. And as others said, there are other avenues of gaming that are far more fruitful than fighting games.

Yeah, If you’re as God-like as JWong then do it.
I’d recommend not to…

But really, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Ever see that one poster that says, only 1 percent of basketball hopefuls make the NBA?

Yeah, same thing with video games.

I know people who have tried and failed, but I also know someone who racked up $200,000 in 16 months playing in Madden tournaments. Then, there’s the guys/girls in the CGS and MLG.

Remember this: There might be 70 competitors that go to a tournament, but in most cases, 67 leave with no winnings.

You can do it, but you better have everything in place.



play Starcraft, or anything that has craft at the end of it. Or play Counter-Strike.

you got better chances at UFC man