Making a Character Decision


For some reason, I always find myself struggling with settling on a couple characters to play. I seem to switch around with some regularity whenever I jump into Street Fighter. No other fighting game does this to me and I hate it!

Anyway, I’m trying to expand my horizons a bit and see if I can pick the brains of more seasoned players around here to find a character that would work with my playstyle. I have, what I’ve dubbed, a ‘Zone of Death’ playstyle. As in ‘This space around me? It’s mine. Enter at your own risk.’ I find I have the most fun when I’m holding ground, forcing the opponent out and keeping them out, withstanding savage rushdown or stopping it with a few well-timed normals, or devastating an opponent with a string of perfect reads.

So, I’d like to branch out and try some other characters that might fit this style very well. Sagat, sadly, I have left behind ever since they kinda crippled his fireball game. Currently I’m rockin’ Guile and Juri as my go-to duo online. Guile is obvious for being a king of zone control, and Juri because she’s a remarkably solid character all around. But what other options might I have? I’ve heard good things about Chun-Li in Ultra, and while I’ve always flirted with playing Akuma, I can’t deal with his low health and stamina.

Just curious to hear suggestions from others so I can take them into the training room and putt around with offered character for awhile to see how well they groove with my playstyle.





4 of them are heavy zoners (Rose has an okay fireball game, and zones zoners), that can go a little on the offensive when need be, and 3 out of 5 being claimed as top 10 atm so you can’t go wrong.

Since you haven’t mentioned Rose or Poison, I’d say give them a go.


Dhalsim, poison, gouken just to name a few


I’d avoid Dhalsim, he isn’t really worth investing time into at this point.

Juri and Rose are probably the better picks posted. Poison is still a bit of a wild card.


I like Gouken, overall he is a solid choice. And in contrary to other zoners, he can deal some serious damage!!!


Im not a pro by any means but try out gouken


Can i use Oni without his Target Combo? Just use few short-but-heavy-damaged comboes instead?