Making a combe back?


i’ve been out of fighting games for about 3 years. took it somewhat serious. would use to go to friends houses and play, local tournaments etc…but now ive had the itch to come back. but my problem is that maybe i want to live in the past alone, third strike and cvs2 days were the happiest time of my life. i tried playing marvel for a while and mained vega in AE.

i got a ps3 to play with my friends recently and i feel like my drive isnt as determined as it used to be. But at the sametime i want to get back into street fighter so bad.


im just trying out some toons. see which one speaks to me. i mained vega so much he’s gotten stale. i like yang. maybe i should just go to the classic ryu, evil ryu for a little spice…idc much for tiers list. as long as im having fun.


What’s your question?