Making a custom PAD


I am not talking about a custom stick but a custom made pad especially for fighting games.
Anyone here with experience in that? Any advice would be appreciated.


Custom pad ? - like molding plastic and programming a pcb ? - i don’t think anyone’s gone that route yet.

If you wanted a dual modded pad, that is possible (I’ve not experienced it, but its offered by another user named Gummowned.

See his thread here-


look up ben heck, he has done some custom pad.

ps3 controller to xbox 360:

single handed controller for a vet:

and other crazy system modding.


I was toying with that idea some time ago, I would have done the case with wood, crafting a large case (relative to a pad anyway) not unlike the TI-92 calculator (for those who remember).
As for the directions, there’s this:

As I’m not a pad player myself, I’ll let others complete the project :slight_smile:


Where did you find that d pad?


I want my DualShock 3 to work on the 360. Is that possible?


@crhustle: search on or


Someone posted a thread asking about this a while ago anddidn’t really get anywhere. It would be very, very hard to do, you need to mold plastic (assuming you want a comfortable shape) and build/program a pcb. Even Ben Heck, who probably has more exp than most in these things, makes a prototype first, pushing the cost up. Big companies can spend the money on prototypes knowing they’re going to make millions of pads, but for one pad…


Thanks I may consider looking into making one of these also.