Making a daisy chain


So I’m trying to make a daisy chain with wires that already have .110 quick disconnects on them. Is there any way to remove these quick disconnects, splice the wires together, and then put the disconnects back on? If so, how can I remove the quick disconnects?


Can you solder? If so, you could just solder in a chain. If you can’t solder, I’m not sure removing them is advisable.


making a daisy chain with used QDs is not advised…


I take a long strain of wire I have measured out mark the locations I want the disconnects then start one end using a pair of wire strippers the spots where I designated start cut the plastic cover on the wire and just slide it down So I have one long wire with a bunch of spots for disconnects…If that makes any sense


Never thought of that, side note do you still sell those wooden dust washer/covers.

On topic: You’re better off just cutting the wires and replacing the QDs