Making a FG music playlist. Favorite FG songs ever? (bonus pts for links)

Honestly I never pay attention to the music while I’m actually playing so I need some help here. Can be new, old, remixed or versions from various games. Although I’d prefer originals for this playlist, if you know of any sick covers I’ll listen just for curiosity’s sake too (shout out to LittleV and his SF5 covers!). Please and thanks!

My top 3 at this very moment in time

Mick Gordon - Inferno (Killer Instinct 2013 - Cinder Theme)

Skyscraper High - Undernight Inbirth - Hyde Theme

Spark Man stage (Smash 4)

How many points per link

All da points!

Here are some older ones that stand out off the top of my head:

Here’s a few:

First thing that came to my mind. I’ve been following these guys for awhile now and they recently did a cover of the Melee Menu theme and the Zelda theme. The improvisation on the Zelda theme are RIDICULOUSLY good.

I always thought Tuff E Nuff had a few gems in there.