Making a Figghting Game

As the title states, i have an idea and i’d like to make a fighting game. The game I have in my mind would actually be a 3-d fighter that plays like a 2-d with crazy Dragon Ball Z like moves, but with the resources i have now, it would most likely be a 2-d fighter. The Sprites would be Pre-renderd Cg
(Like Killer Instinct) i figure to use that ahh Mu-gen engine would be the easiest way to get the whole thing put together right now. Now Ive never used Mugen and i dont really plan to get to deep into it either, the reason is because i hate working with numbers and values, codes, equations n shit like that. I am no programmer so i would need a volunteer, to put in his or her free time to help me put this into motion. So with that be’n said, i know threes prolly been hundreds of threads where people have talked about making their own games and nothing has come from them, so i dont expect people to jump out and start volunteer’n until i actually start posting character designs and sprites.
But once i get to that level, anyone who puts time in on building this game will get credit…

So the whole point of this thread was to get some ideas and feedback of the kind of fighting games people would like to see.

My 2 favorite fighting game engines right now are SF3 and GGX. (SF3) because the game play is tight and everything is extremely well balanced as far as parryn , throwing, and basic moves. (GGX) because the game play is loose and fast so it enables you to be more creative and relentless with your strategies and combos.

So the game Id like to make would be somewhere in between them both. Does any1 have any ideas that might have improved on any of these games?? Like a guard meter combo breakers parrys Ya know, something new, or even something old. But what would make for the perfect 2-d fighter in your eyes??

Making a Figghting Game :shake:

i believe pimpjuice can program, remember that remixed fighting game he made on mugen i think he showed it at jeff’s house

it maybe stupid but i’ve always wanted a fighting game where like the tekken 5 data cards you have our own original created fighter but based in an already programmed environment with already set rules. like you create your guy/girl load him up at the arcade start the match and whoop some ass. everything is original from super moves to appearance and you can change it based on your own imagination. just imagine your own creation inserted into the world of 3rd strike…could be somethin good.

shit i don’t know…lol

Ya he can, but he didnt seem interested, or didnt take me seriously witchever it is. It should be hard to do. I just have to designs some characters and stages, set them up for animation and start rendering. I just cant put it into a work’n engine.

Trust me its crossed my mind, and hopefully it becomes the new shit 4 fighting games, i think even “Street Fighter EX” and “Rival Schools” had dabbled in that a bit, but i think people would just make some cheap ass characters with really good moves. :xeye: But it is a good idea, if it can be balanced, but it would only work with 3-d games… 2-d shit sprites really cant be manipulated that much.

If you don’t know shit, learn mugen first that’s the least you’ll ever have to learn to make a real fighting game. With inventive programming you might be able to do something that’s alot like your idea but it WILL take ALOT of effort.

However doing it from scratch will take at least 10 times more effort.

Onyx, what makes you think you’re qualified to make a fighting game? if you have dough$$ to burn or a good programming background, then maybe you can try. But nobody’s going to volunteer making a fighting game of somebody else’s liking.

Man, i thought i took care of this in the 1st post… Jesus… What makes you think i’m not qualified to make a fighting game??? You dont know me do you?? Ok… As i said, IM NOT ASKING 4 VOLUNTEERS NOW, and if i use Mugen( as i plan to) i dont need need to burn any money! I Didnt say i wanna make a fighting game fo the x-box PS2 or arcade did i?? All i need are sprites ( witch i can do my self being that i am a QUALIFIED 3-D artist) and an engine (Mugen) and someone to put the shit together (witch i do not need right now). Even music and sound effects i can do myself, all i need now is time to do the main part of any game, visuals. This thread is for people who are interested to post ideas and things they would like to see in figting games, and things they dont like in current games nothing more.

I assume you think the guys that made Melty Blood and Guilty Gear were billion dollar companies b4 they made them huh?? All they started with was thier will and ideas and as of right now, thats all i got, and its all im asking 4. IDEAS :xeye:

If you’re really serious about this, don’t let anyone else get you down, just go for it. However I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this will never go anywhere.

NAhh people dont get me down, i usually strait’n em out and if not fuck em, do ur thing and i’ll do mine :xeye: … Im not sure if you were refering to this thread not going anywhere or the game, but just to ease the minds of those who may be PESIMISTIC to my desires, lets just say im not making a game… Just tell me what ud like to c in games and what you dont like in games… I know. U guys can do that right??? Talk about shit…? Thats whats Forums are 4…

Good shit Onyx. Dude Guard Breakers would be great! If they had Guard Breakers (Garou) in 3S that would totally make up for my lack of defense! :badboy: Besides that, no gay music like in 3S please, I can’t stand the 3S OST, Garou’s OST matches it’s game so perfectly, something SNK has always been able to get right. And how about combo breakers? (KI) :devil: If not combo breakers, maybe a striker system (KOF’99) that’d’ll stop the combo at the expense of a couple meters. :tup: And how about a parry meter? If you fill up the parry meter you can do some kind of desperation move (TMNT: TF) Man… Stun bar, Parry bar, Guard bar, Meter, Life bar…

Oh and something like the idea that the amount of meter stocks you have determines how many hits the super does, or how difficult it is to parry :tup: If Ken’s SA3 had like 5 stocks used in one execution then the hits should go high low high high overhead low low or something crazy -or maybe even random LOL

Let me know if you want any more crazy ideas :tup:

well i’m not sure about arc systems but iirc the melty blood people was a group effort from people who were all very dedicated and it’s pretty rare for that to happen and to be as big a success as they’ve been.

Mugen is a 2d fighting game engine however you might still be able to use the sprites if you are really serious about this I suggest you ask around for a page that had a demo to a 3d fighting game made by a fan and he started selling it or something, then i’d suggest finding that guy’s email and asking him what you need.

3d is usually easier to make however I doubt you can do it all by yourself

edit: also if you are looking for ideas for a balanced game and game play ideas you may want to look at ultima’s ideas for somethign he called “street fighter perfect”

You’ve thought alot about this in the past haven’t you?

Actually I come up with shit on the fly. Probably why I’m such a people person T.T; But to be quite honest, I’ve been thinking of ideas for RPGs not fighter games =P 'Cause the RPG games are in more need of something new and fresh -moreso than fighters.

But if you want more ideas, how about these?

-Each character having 3 taunts. One to show respect, one for “Hurry the fuck up you damn turtle,” and the last one being “EAT THAT SHIT!!” :badboy:

-If guard is broken in a corner, the breaker will have an option to crush the broken through the wall and onto a new stage(1) or just combo the shit out of him.

*1 If broken into a new stage, the stage should be setup so there are aspects to stop turtling. i.e. less time, shorter stage, fading health -whatever =P

-I would love for the game to be fast paced, a bit faster than 3S, but not as fast as MVC2 where everything is just pure chaos.

-Running as well as dashing in game.

Edit: I definately like the idea of only having one type of super. This basically lets you play 3 different characters from one. :tup: Definately need to keep it 1 SA per. :tup:

And I really want to push the difficulty on parrying, people saying it’s too easy -well shit man, they came up with it 7-8 years ago. =P It’s about time it gets a bit harder. Like parry to the beat of the stage song. Muhuhahahaha~ But realisticly, probably parry like X—XX-XXX-X—X not like X—X---X—X---X :tup:

like…CvS2 difficult?

To tell you the truth, I never really got into CvS2 =P CvS was so bad that I never gave part 2 a chance =P But I did try the parrying out on there, but only single parries, never any sequences. I thought the timing was just different, is the timing on CvS2 not rhythmic?

I’m actually working on a fighting game engine, so if you’re looking for alternatives to mugen, just ask.

My 6th sense tells me you’re not.

'sides, you spelled fighting wrong in the thread title, which is quite a bad sign. I’m not discouraging you from going for it, I’m just telling you there are hundreds of people who have ideas like you- so don’t get too excited.

Melty Blood and Guilty Gear are both developed by a GROUP of very DEDICATED and TALENTED people, lead by a very KNOWLEDGABLE leader and also FUNDED. They did not start their developement by asking for ideas on a forum.

Don’t :xeye: me -_-;;; If you can’t take honest thoughts from people then don’t go on SRK.

you’re an artist and you don’t want to do any programming,
this will go a long way. :confused:
go look on sourceforge or sites like that.