Making a fighter: wat do?

Okies, so Ive been getting kinda curious about trying to make a fighter recently. Nothing fancy, just kinda getting a feel for making fighting games. But, I’m not sure what program is best to start working with.

Is MUGEN a good engine to use, or is the 2D fighter maker series better to use? Or are there other products that work even better? I’m not sure what is best, so any advice will be appreciated.

If this topic has been covered elsewhere, just let me know and I’ll delete this thread.

Would you be making your own art?

Yes. This would be of my own creation, no stereotypical MUGEN copy pasta

There are a few people making their own engines on this board I believe. Do you have a portfolio of your work?

[media=youtube]_nCdcefcorc[/media] i’m a programmer and i got this, can you animate?

No, I’m just in the preparation stage at the moment. I want to dick around with something good for a while to get my bearings, and then really hunker down and start designing something, just as a kinda pet project.

Edit. @anotak. Well, no. I’m going to be taking animation classes and experimenting on my own at school, but right now I have little to no experience. However I am very much interested in learning, so I could definitely learn to animate that’s what I need to know.

Hone your animation skills, keep learning, take crappy jobs, anything to keep you going and learn. In the meantime, try to get in contact with people who are working in/studying game design. Don’t expect to work on anything substantial for at least 10 years. Use that time wisely. Good luck.

Oh, I’m not expecting to make anything substantial right off the bat. I know it will take years of practice and help from other talented artists and designers to make anything approaching a professional level. However, I do want to actually sit down and experimentnwith the technology, see what it is I have to expect and work with you know? I myself am actually studying game design in college, so this s something I hope to pursue.

I just need a recommendation for a program, preferably freeware but any will do, that will let me start working with this stuff and experimenting on my own time.

Thanks for the advice an good luck btw. I forgot to mention that. XD

With an engine like that, I’d be willing to try.

That engine does look nice. Where can that be found?

do you have a portfolio or any previous work?

I got a binder full of scrapped fighting game character designs. I’m still working on some shading and animation techiques, but I’m confident I can whip up some decent sprites and animations. I’m not saying I’m a professional, but I can give it a professional shot since I’ve got nothing to lose.

Do you have a theme in mind for your game/roster?

Well, I’m an artist so i do have a personal portfolio, but imma guess that you mean a game design related portfolio? In that case, no, I do not.

@M.D. I do have a theme of sorts for the roster of a game I would like to make someday, in that there is no theme. A lot of my favorite game rosters are from crossover titles, which have lots of crazy, almost wholly unrelated characters all thrown in together like a big melting pot. I want to recreate that, just without the crossover part. I dont want to limit the roster to a fighting style, era or even gameplay style. For example, I want to experiment with a character whose move set is made entirely of counter moves (and is a catholic priest).

But this is just my kind of future dream project, and a lot of that stuff I’ll worry about once I get competant at programming.

Edit: just remembered, I do have various character designs I’ve done in the past year or so. Hardly a professional portfolio, but more than nothing.

make a Hentai fighter IMO

Um… No thanks, not my style.

can you post up a piece or two of your art? I mean, you are confident enough to make a game. I’m sure we’d like to see what you are capable of art wise

Once I get my hands on a scanner or camera, I’ll do just that, but it’s a bit late where I am to go looking for such a thing. I’ll try and put some stuff up tomorrow.

Include 8 way Airdashes

Stop making new threads about making your own fighters. There’s already existing threads and if you have nothing to show don’t bother writing about it.