Making a game~! =D

Hey guys - I’m making a game, and was wondering what kind of mechanics you guys would go for - ideally people on this forum would play it for me once it gets done. =)

The details:

  • This game is 2D. I’m not using lame sprite recolors or anything of the sort. Stuff will be drawn from scratch. I’m an animation student, so I actually know what I’m doing.

  • No tag team stuff. One thing at a time please. =)

  • Probably won’t be weapon based. Hand to hand stuff is just easier to animate/worry about.

  • Netplay: Nice, but only if I can find some way to do it. I’m not a coder.


  • Any particular stuff you guys like? I was thinking parries or something? (Not like 3S, more like Akatsuki Blitzkampf, where you can whiff them/mess up)

  • Any ideas what I could use for an engine? Fighter Maker documentation is sparse, but Mugen chars mean someone will steal my work and host it on a website in Brazil.

All suggestions welcome. This game won’t be done for a while. I’ll be doing almost everything myself, so don’t expect it within a month or something silly like that. (Besides, school’s not over yet!)

if your not a coder…might i ask how you plan on making it?
even tho mugen has a simplified engine, it still requires you to write code.

just start off with a simple character, and if it goes well, then start doin more characters, and if that goes well that you can consider making a whole game.

As long as the basic system is stable, everything else will fall into place. I think it would be a good idea to give character very unique functions that will differ from character to character so that they all don’t play too similar to one another. Universal movements that I’d consider would be a taunt, a throw, and a dodge function.

And don’t forget a big man. I can’t tell you how many homebrew fighting games that straight up lack a giant power type fighter. I know that a big sluggish powerhouse with limited combos are not everybodies favorite character, but ya can’t have a diverse roster without at least one of them.

If you’re going to make a fighter don’t forget good diversity in all senses make a good fighter.

-Make fighters of all sizes
-Make fighters of different races (avoid racist stereotyping, unless you’re Capcom)
-Make fighters that are interesting to use and brings new things to the table
-Make certain fighters with some familiarity to make introducing the game easier for newbies
-Make sure that each fighter has at least enough tools to deal with each matchup
-Have fun with the character design

Good luck on your project.

Hey bchan check your messages.

I know basic use of Java, C++, and BASIC - I think I can handle something like Mugen or Fighter Maker. =) When I say I’m not a coder I mean I can’t do something like add netcode to an engine that doesn’t support it. :slight_smile:

Keep the tips coming people! =)

No your not

Make it first and we’ll comment on it later.



I was just asking for some suggestions - no need to be mean-spirited about it. I didn’t promise anything and I see people on this board have tons of opinions to share anyway, so what’s with the hostility? It doesn’t cost anything to tell me what kind of stuff you like.

Besides, if I go ahead and make something, then most of this stuff will have been planned out already - by then some of your suggestions would be worthless. You don’t make a game first and then ask people, “man - what should this game be like?”

If I had named this thread “what would your dream fighting game be like”, you guys would have been all over this like a fat kid after a chocolate bar. =P

Thanks to the first couple of people, who had some solid pointers/ideas. :wasted:

The designer of Blazblue gave an interview on how they go about designing their games, and I think it could really help a lot. People always say story doesn’t matter to fighting games, but thats how they start with their games, and then they decide what kind of characters fit into that world, and how they should play.

Blazblue is one of the most interesting and innovative fighting games I have played in years, so I would give it look.

funny i dont believe you at all i wonder why.

Why are you guys all negative? Is that odd for someone to want to make a game? I know these types doujin/fan of projects die all the time, but it’s not like I promised I would finish in a week or something. I didn’t say I worked for Capcom or something either.

What’s with all the “I don’t believe you” bullshit? :wtf: I don’t see how simply wanting or planning to make a game is somehow unrealistic or unbelievable.

It’s pretty obvious. People are always announcing they’re making a game, but no games ever come out. Outside of skullgirls and capoeira fighter, and maybe one more, I’ve never seen anything close to finished product come out of these threads…and there have been dozens. Can you blame people for being skeptical?

Since you know that they die all the time, then you understand why nobody thinks you will succeed. Also, if you make it with fighter maker or mugen, no matter how good it is, nobody will care and nobody will play it.

Ok time to stop shitting on your parade. and Go there, learn shit. Also Shred Nebula came out a little bit back, and the lead (who posts here btw) posted some of the design doc stuff. To give you a good idea how a design doc should look, since it’s something that game studios don’t really like sharing too much. Also there are a ton of really good game design blogs out there.

Next thing, you won’t get a good answer around here until you have something to show for it. Once you have something that is rendering sprites, and they move, collide, have some attacks, and throw fireballs or something then you can say “hey look what I did so far, now I’m at the stage where I can start thinking about what will make my game/characters special, what do you guys want?” People will be much more receptive if you have something to show that you will follow through and can make shit happen.

also little thing I just ran into. With using sprites, I am about to say fuck you to new directx and either start using old direct draw (unlikely) or start using SDL. I don’t want to use a fucking shader to do palette swaps or have nothing be supported on cards. little rant, just saying.

Well thank you for at least giving a reason. The programmer for skullgirls got in touch with me actually - he may help out if this gets off the ground. There’s a difference between saying I’ll fail (which is a dick move anyway) and just saying “I don’t believe you”.

I’m going to do my best to work on this; “thank you” to those who have/will suggest stuff, and a polite “screw you” to those who don’t even care to give me a chance before spewing shit out.

@ Windlord0:

Thank you very much for your input! =)

Have the game have the right “feel” to it. If you don’t do this you will never get a fighting game that reaches past the “average mark”.

When that’s done make the game as fun and intuitive as possible.

After that get a wide variety of characters.

Then balance the game.

Everything else is up to what you think is needed.

Yeah dude, a lot of people start fight game projects and then quit when they realize that its like 1% fun stuff and 99% tedious shit. Like being a great artist doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the fortitude to sit down and sprite 1000 frames of the same character.

You should get something done at least like character desgin or something. You’d get a better response if you had something folk could comment on.

otherwise, good luck dude. Cheers!

I’m well aware - I’m an animation major. I’m used to drawing the same thing over and over again. :smile:

Sometimes I think it would be just easier to program netplay for mugen, I mean COME ON if some guys did netplay for GGXX externally, Mugen netplay can be provided by same principle, and then a good fighting can be developed there