Making a .gif from an .avi

i wanna make a couple gifs from
Killa Season
and i wanna know what the best way to do that
what software should i use
the gif animator i use doesnt support .avis

I forgot what program I used to use back like 2 years ago before HD failure…

Image Ready…

Like Shatta said, Image Ready, It’s crazy easy:
You should be done with one in like 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size… dood.

do we need adobe photoshop or just our video file and image ready?

edit: and my video file is a .wmv not a .avi

err from what ive tried image ready comes with in photoshop i had to put cs2 in (i have cs3) to get image ready

thanks alot yeahdood that tut helped me

You need both. IR only saves things as PSDs. you have to open dat in PS; than save as a gif.

Edit: I used to only have PS. lol

no no dood
in image ready go to file>safe optimized as
and you can save it as a gif

I have a .wmv file, not an avi, will it make a difference? I have image ready but I don’t have PS. Whats the actual program i can open movie files in?

EDIT: I just converted my wmv to an avi. Is there any free programs that converts to .gif?

u can open the file IR. then save otimized as and look for the GIF option. me and yeah dood made TUTs for a reason. actually READ them.

it says its an unknown file format when i try to open the avi

what program did you use to convert the wmv to avi? Windows Movie Maker wouldnt give that problem.

windows movie maker

OMFG…what are you doing!?

i opened adobe image ready, i am trying to open the .avi file but it doesn’t let me.

are you going by the TUT that i posted in the photoshop tutorial thread?

that post? im looking for your post that mentions video to gif

its the 37th post. the one with the order sol gif at the end.