Making a godlike best balrog highlights music video montage



music: [media=youtube]QNsCxa4BZB8[/media]

i have a lot of clips like jwong vs daigo the classic, keno eye, ben fong special, pamyu vs mago, poongko final tap trolling, js master, DYCKNASTY, pr balrog, mike g vs sanford… etc.

but it would be cool if yall could contribute some sick clips or let me know it would be sick. thanks. peace.


I’d just like to throw it out there that, knowing full well that it’s going to be your pet-project and you have your idea planned out, that me, personally, I don’t think I could really enjoy a Balrog montage to that sort of music :wink:

This is purely an individual taste of course, not a criticism or complaint - Many others would probably love it.

Are you looking specifically for top level play? Known players? Specific forms of pwnage or just anything that is a) Sick and b) By Balrog?


If I were to make a Balrog montage (and I’m not) I would put it to this: [media=youtube]F-oLqMwzvBY[/media]


Yo look up swizzbebatss for the best in game combos. I got that loop down.


yeah JS Master is a fucking beast I also think Keno is better than PR BALROG


It’s not about who’s better than whom, but sick clips in general :slight_smile:

Maeda, Ice0age, PR Bal, Keno, JS Mast, there’s tonnes of names you can throw out there who will no doubt have some faptastic Rog clips, including members of the community here, probably.


Wish I could contribute to your project but as I’m quick to say in most threads, I’m a proud mediocre player.

I record tonnes of things but the only reason any of it will ever look good is because the opponents are often garbage so I’ve a tonne of movies showing all kinds of mixups, mindgames, fun moments or just me tearing up inexperienced players with nonsense.

I’m not sure if you’re specifically looking for pro level Balrogs vs pro level opponents or just funky shizzle in general regardless of the skill but feel free to hit my channel, all sorts of stuff in there and a tonne of movie compilations showing combos, funny shinanigans, perfects or just beating the crap into people at midlevel.

Perfect example:
[media=youtube]Woc-aqXwDCo]YouTube - SF4 RopeDrink [Balrog[/media]


I want in.

Can I email you some clips?


This is an old clip and isnt the best quality, but this is one of my fav matches of all time: [media=youtube]51rd0L1pHLk[/media]

There’s this too of the same player

JS Master beating Sabin after a history of getting beaten by him in tournaments


@RopeDrink - I certainly don’t think you’re a mediocre player!
I think this would go good with Rog [media=youtube]GO22Z0T3qPE[/media] (Good ol’ Floyd Mayweather days)
Good luck with your project also, I can’t seem to get enough of Rog and I hope it works out. There’s a LOT of Maeda armor absorb matches out there and those would be nice to include, considering he did to almost every Sagat I’ve seen him play :slight_smile:

Off Topic : ^^^^ Love how JS doesn’t flinch at all :stuck_out_tongue: I would have punched Filipino Champ so hard his cocky little face would drop off. It’s alright when he talks shit about people but when JS tries to have a little fun, he’s all of a sudden touched by it. Mofo.