Making a headset jack for my joystick...thoughts?


So, I have a Saulabi 4K that I have modded with a 360 SE board and a MC Cthulhu. Naturally, the easy to find and easily labeled points on the 360 board screams “make a headset jack,” and the fact that this is my main stick now (and my SEs are on loan) makes me want to so I can voice chat with my friends over live.

Now, I know there are specific jacks created to be put in a project box situation. However, I don’t have one, but I do have those extension jacks that come with the madcatz sticks, and I also have an empty USB cord hole (since I’ve done a detachable cable mod) that one would fit through easy.

So my problem lies in not knowing the pinouts for these jacks (which wire would go where), and so on. If anyone can help me with this, I would be appeciative. Also, if someone knows whether these would work for this application, that would be good too.



I know Xbox 360 uses a standard TRS 3 pin stereo 2.5 mm audio jack. Although some XBox 360 controllers have this jack embedded in some plastic that makes their own jack type to fit in, these are still 2.5 mm jacks with extra material, and the standard jack would still fit. The Xbox 360 uses identical connector type and pin out as many cellphones.

Xbox Live Headset pinout and wiring @
Here is the pin out on the jack side.

I hope this will help.