Making a JAMMA Link Cable between two Candy Cabinets

Does anyone here know or have a tutorial on how to make a JAMMA Link/Split Cable? I have two Astro Cities I want to link together for some vs. action. Better yet does anyone make one I can buy?

It’s pretty straight forward to do afaik…

Make a harness to do the following

  1. connect the monitor and sound signals from the first to the second cab
  2. connect the controls from the second cab to the first

as the thread says, simple in theory, random issues in practice.

Concerning linking video signals: I’ve noted that many commercial multiscan R.G.B. monitors that sync down to 15hz, including some of Sony’s PVMs or the NEC 4PG have pass-through ports for their video signals which assuming if you want to use the same feed may help with that part of the procedure.

You’d just then strand standard BNC or d-sub 15 cables from one monitor to the other respectively. Granted, that requires you actually have RGB capable monitors to begin with… Or you could just try using a distribution amplifier to split the signal between both monitors, albeit those can be a little pricy too it seems…

Is there an easy to find reference for which monitors do that?

Not that I know of unfortunately. I just usually look at model numbers of RGB capable monitors and try to see if they have pictures of the back ports on ebay. The in ports and the out ports will be clearly labeled on the monitor itself. These resources are rather good for finding the model numbers for each 15hz R.G.B. capable monitor, which can serve as a good launching point. However you’ll have to check out each one yourself, since not all of these have inputs and outputs (I know some of them do but I forgot which ones):

Many of those, like the commodores are consumer grade also, which only have inputs… Most of the commercially purposed ones on ebay won’t ship though and when they do the shipping is quite expensive 'cause they’re so big and heavy, relative to their size.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about B.T.W. Unfortunately that one’s broken and I don’t know if that particular model would be suitable even if it wasn’t. (If I were to guess it looks like it would be, since the only 9 pin d-sub devices typically use 15 hz signals if I recall correctly and it also supports composite sync on the BNC input but still, it’s broken…) It has 15 pin D-sub, S-video and BNC (as opposed to RCA) composite and R.G.B. Sync through-puts as you can see, alongside a stereo R.C.A. throughput as well…

Thanks for the help guys, I guess Ill try and make one myself

tonepoet, this won’t apply to the Astro City monitors as they don’t have pass through ports or anything like that.
they have no inputs except from the jamma wiring.

you’ll have to get the video and audio signals off the Jamma loom.

this is the relevant post with pictures and video.

the wiring diagram shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.