Making a joystick out of a ps2


I think I’ve seen a picture of someone making a joystick out of a broken ps2 console. How did they reinforce the plastic for the joystick and buttons?


I’d image you can use anything that would be the same height as the innards of the PS2 shell as long as it was sturdy, such as a few U shaped pieces of metal that could fit snugly in the corners and anywhere else stress might be. Then again, it may not need any, never had an empty case.


Perhaps supergluing or adhering a metal template from maybe a SE stick or something? That way you have the metal reinforcement on the inside of the PS2 shell.


I actually did this with a bunch of old Happ parts laying around and an older MC. Cthulhu chip… it looked like arse since I rushed it and wasn’t really gonna use it, but like you I saw the pic and thought it was clever.

I didn’t need anything special, just cut my holes in the top of the plastic and it held up for my testing and showing off to some friends at a weekly MvC2 party we have.

Note: if you want to make it clean you need to use the right tools to mount your joystick, as mine was a American style Happ set up, I just drilled right thru the top and bolted it on. Also, the power plug area was tricky for me to put back together so it looked like the USB cord was coming out of it, I used a high heat soldering iron to melt plastic and then a metal file to clean it up a bit, but it still looked like butt munch.