Making a mounting slot (joystick) with dremel

Hey there and thanks for looking.

I have a premade box made of wood but i would like to make a slot in it so i can mount a JLW-TM-8 (the stick is sitting a little too low current for my liking). I don’t wanna dismantle the box or anything and my only tool available to me is a dremel. So I was wondering if anybody knew which bit i would use to do this procedure?

i don’t remember which bit i used, but i’ve done the same procedure and i broke my dremel doing so. be careful!

Try to find something like this… Don’t try to take the entire depth in one pass. Take it in small bites, a few mm at a time, so you don’t over tax the machine and so you can control it better.


if the box is mdf, you could use a chisel. Mdf is layered horizontally it just kinda peels off after chisel it vertically.

probably not a good idea if it’s anything other than mdf.

Wtf is mdf? I’m hearing that a lot lately.

medium density fiber. It’s basically fake wood that’s a lot cheaper and kinda carcinogenic so wear a dust mask and work outside. The stuff is pretty strong and more dent resistant than some soft wood. Real easy to paint and work with. Basically the wood of choice if you plan on painting your stick. Wiki it for more info.

i have the same problem too, i have the red octane box and i want top mount a JLW-TM-8 because if i bottom mount its too short. so i too need to make a slot to top mount it, do i just cut a square small enough for the bottom of the stick to fit but not too big so the mounting plate can go on top??
and the only tool i can use would be a dremel.

Kk, well I’m gonna try to grab that bit and try to do it over the weekend, hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll post results.

Look for the routing adapter too. Otherwise it will be hard to keep an even depth.


:sad: lol man, sometimes i just think it’s better to buy a custom stick, everytime i do a DIY project, i always spend a ton on tools i’ll barely use again…and instead of saving, i go over budget.

I keep telling people that exact thing, and they never believe me. Making a stick is never gonna be cheaper than having it made for you. Unless you already have tons of skill and experience and fully stocked shop, and even then there is doubt.

Is this still true? I thought they stopped using formaldehyde.

Yep, but maybe ppl are like me, I like to do these kind of things, kinda like a hobby. Really enjoying building my own things and doing the hands on work, but when u hit a roadblock and gotta drop some extra cash that u don’t really wanna spend or can afford, it sucks.

Sweet, thanks.

Well, I ended up not buying any extra accessories and got the job done :lovin:

Got a jigsaw or something, cut out the middle box thing, and then i used dremel with a grinding attachment to make the outer rim for the mounting plate. After that, there was tons of sanding with sandpaper to level out the surface for the mounting plate. Not the best looking job, but used what i had.

Now I gotta work on an old piece of plexi i have and try not mess it up.