Making a PS2 arcade stick


Hey, I have a lot of various PS2 fighting games and my Tekken 5 arcade stick is on its last leg. Id rather build a new stick than fixing it for now. I have 2 DS2 pads, and a ps1 dual shock pad, which is the best to use? Do all I need to do is solder my buttons to the pcb, or will I have to do something more for Sanwa buttons to work with the pcb’s?


You can padhack any of those. Read slagcoin to learn about padhacking. As for which of those is the easiest, there are different revisions of each one. If you can dig up an old psx digital pad, those are super easy. You could also get a zero delay encoder for ps2/ps3/pc for $20 (eBay) and avoid soldering altogether.


Wow dude thats super cheap, way better than my plan. Thank you so much!


Just make sure to get the right connector type for the style of parts you’re using. And you may have to rearrange the pins on the 5 pin harness if you use it (easy, no soldering needed).


Im thinking of buying new sanwa parts to put in the stick. im thinking im gonna use my q1 body since its a much easier body to work with than my other bodies.

Im gonna get this one of those since this store seems more professional.


That’s the wrong type for sanwa controls, you need the .110" connector version.


ok. there is a bundle they have for $60 with sanwa parts, i guess i should just buy them all in one go with that.


Make sure the bundle has ps2 compatibility, there’s a pc only version of board, pretty sure that’s the one I’ve seen bundled.


This one has ps2 mentioned. i saw another bundle that didnt have the ps2 input.


Looks good to me. The 24mm buttons are knockoffs, but that’s nothing I would worry bout for start and select.


yeah i wont be pressing those very hard.


Do you have a ton of friends or have used this for multiple sticks? Just want to know Im not gonna have a pcb that burns out in a month.


I have had two of them since early this year.


Ok haha, i guess they work though right?


Yeah, no problems with either.