Making a PS2 Kiosk look more like an arcade cab, any tips?

Hi guys, my work place were going to throw this PS2 kiosk out, I asked if I could have it and they gladly agreed.

Its been sitting in my house now for a while and I haven’t done anything with it yet, its not an arcade cab, but Id like to make it as close to an arcade cab as I can without breaking the bank.

I was thinking of maybe putting either

A) My modded PS2 + HDD in there with a bunch of fighting games on it, and swapping the PS2 pads for 2 6 button controllers. Only trouble is the getting 6 button PS2 controllers. The PS2 Sega Saturn pads are virtually impossible to find nowadays, the Nubytech SF2 anniversary pads look great (and the Chun Li pad would match the colour of the Kiosk) but they kinda suck and are much more expensive now then back in the day. I hear the PS2 NEO-GEO CD controllers rock, but they’re very expensive.

B) Same as above but just have fighters that only use 4 buttons, e.g. Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur and all the SNK fighters. This is the cheapest option, but no Street Fighter :confused:

Im also open to possibly putting a marquee or other art on it if its possible.

What would you guys do ?.

not a fan of sticks?

I would keep the base and scrap everything else. - Buy and Shop Online for Import Japanese and US Video Games, Toys, DVDs, Anime Character Goods and more!

^ Chun-Li and Ken SF Anniversary Controllers (NubyTech) for $9.99 each.

They’re new. I saw these at their store last week.

A small bit of work, but if you removed those arms holding the controllers, you could replace them with metal/wooden shelves for a nice flat panel for joystick use. You’d have to take some measurements and go to your local hardware store to see what options you could do. Either that or strip those out altogether and just leave the ports open so you can just plug in whatever you want on a whim.

Ive got a Yellow Namco, this is just a side project for when I have friends over, and there the ones that wouldn’t be used to sticks.

Thanks Markman! :woot:, had to email them though, they dont list Ireland as one of the countries they ship to :wonder:.

See if you can get some Saturn to PS2 converters from Paul. They’re way more rad than those Nubytech pads.

Kei? Console Converters