Making a PS3 fightpad wired

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make a PS3 fightpad wired so I don’t have to worry about the usb receiver dying on me again. Possibly to also eliminate the need for batteries.

I am going to assume your talking about the Mad Catz Fight Pad, ether Street Fighter IV or the WWE Brawl pad

There is no easy way of doing so.
The ONLY way is to replace the PCB inside with a wired PCB.

Alternative pad choices include:

The Hori Fighting Commander Pro

Although this pad is becoming rare, the Neo-Geo pad for the PS3 isn’t bad$(KGrHqMOKo4E253ViFN7BN6D7qJu+g~~_35.JPG

Similar thumb pad to the SNK Neo Geo, but alot clicks when in use is the PS3 PDP pad

There is one of the many Knock off Sega Saturn USB pads

There also using one of the good PS1/PS2 Fight pads with an adapter, same thing with a Sega Saturn pad or even the SNES pad.

Hmm. I’ve seen the XCM cross battle adapters too. Are they any good or do they still have lag? Which one is the best one if they are reliable?

Just wait for a lil’ while.

Wait Mark madcatz plans on doing a wired version of the PS3 fightpads? If so I’m stoked.

but if one were to go the non-easy route, could you dismantle the dongle, place it in the case, bridge the usb 5v/G to the dongle and the pcb, and slap an extension cord on the dongle?

Does not work exactly like that, its sounds easier than it really is.

Were talking about having a USB A plug sticking out of a controller or having to remove the dongle’s plug and soldering in a USB cable.
You are also assuming the USB line voltage is the correct voltage for the pad. Most wireless pads operate from 3 volts to 3.7 volts, 5 volts is too much.

Very convoluted mod to something that can be easier solved by getting a different pad. You don’t have to get the pads I mentioned above, there just a few of many possible options

Mark Man is hinting to something, something big/ awesome. So I am willing to way to see what it is.
I still excited over the Mad Catz MLG Pads and I can careless about MLG, its how the damn pads are made that sold me.
Mark man has not lead me wrong before so I will wait.

Instead of wasting money on an XCM adapter, buy a CHEAPER Hori FC3 Pro, or wait and see what MarkMan is cookin’.

in my case i have a crappy 3rd party pad i wanna work into a stick in non wireless form. guess i gotta break down and buy a meter. so when you say the 5v is too much does that mean itd be fatal to the pad w/o resistance?

I suppose you could post the PCB so we can try and analyse it first.

Cheapest PS3 option for a new stick is to get a PCB — the ZD or a Xin-Mo (google it).
Plus they come with wiring harnesses.

its the brawl pad. i was waiting on the zd with the home button actually.