Making a Qanba Q4 arcade stick into a Hitbox (stickless) arcade stick. Resources?


Hi guys, thanks in advance for reading!

I’m very new to arcade sticks but i am eager to start learning, i used to play Injustice: GAU a lot on my keyboard after ditching d-pad but now I’m starting to play on local tournaments and clearly a keyboard is not the way to go so i picked up a Qanba Q4 Arcade Stick. After doing so i discovered the Hitbox or ‘Stickless Arcade Stick’ and was blown out.

I was wondering if someone could provide me with the resources i need to mod my Qanba Q4 into a Hitbox-style stick. I’m new to modding. I’m looking for comprehensive guides, videos, stores where i can buy the parts and any tips you can provide me with, as well as your opinion. Should i just cash out and but it from Hitbox Arcade? I would rather use the body of Qanba to make into a Hitbox tbh.

Thank again!


The reality is you have to replace the top panel if you want to convert a arcade stick to a Hit Box style all button controller. Hit Box is a brand name.
Instead of setting dead set for the Qanba. See what sticks have available aftermarket panels. Then plan around from who offers replacement panels for what ever stick, then get that stick instead.

Most of whats out there for replacement panels are for Mad Catz or Hori sticks.
Art Hobbies makes plexy based replacement panels, and there someone in the trading post who sells custom metal panels (so PM him).
Arcade Forge also sells replacement metal panels.


The situation is that i already bought the Qanba Q4 weeks ago to then discover the Hit Box Style controller (i probably should of done my research but it’s too late now).

So other then getting the custom plexy-based or metal panels i should be able to get sanwa buttons and other parts, right? About the installation and mostly the wiring, how ward is that?


The actual punches and Kicks side of the controller remains the same.

Its the directionals that have to be rewired.
Those who are familiar with individually tabbed switches on joysticks can wire up the new buttons easily enough.
Those with out modding experience or too used to the 5 pin joystick harness with have to do some rewiring

each of the direction buttons will replace the Up, Down, Left or Right from your joystick.


Check out AMPed Up Customs: AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE

B-Boy Tekken makes custom panels for q4’s.


Very sorry to necro, but I’m also attempting to mod my Qanba Q4RAF into a Hit Box layout. Did OP pull it off? Any tips/websites/ways to get the top plexi and metal underplate?