Making a see-thru dust shield


anyone have any suggestions on material and actually making one…i.e. tools and stuff lol

im not that much of a handy man, but learn quickly.

thanks in advance


Use acrylic/plexi


Find the diameter of the dustwasher you wish to replicate, find a holesaw of the same diameter. Make a soap and water mixture and apply liberally to the plexiglass. Now, use a drill press (power drill will work, too. Just make sure your drill is perpendicular to the platic) and slowly drill through the plastic. Use a drill bit of a wider gauge to widen the hole to fit the shaft if needed.

If it breaks, cracks, or is just not the size you were hoping for, rinse and repeat.


Forget the soap and water and just put a piece of scrap wood under the plexi. If you clamp them together you won’t get a crack. Also you could do with sanding the edges once you cut it out because you’ll have very rough edges.