Making a seimitsu modded Hori EX-2, worth it or scrap it?

I have an ex-2 whose PCB I’m using so I can use an Xconverter 360 with my HRAP1.

I was considering stripping out the PCB and permanently attaching it to my Xconverter in some sort of project box, but then I would have a left over EX-2 shell. Now it looks like I could put some Seimitsu PS-15 buttons in there fairly easily, along with a ChimpSMD (Worst case scenario) or a PS360 (Ideal).

Lastly, stick options. Anyone who has seen the EX-2 knows it’s a terrible modding platform for a JLF. However, I was wondering if a Seimitsu stick would fit, preferably an LS-55 or 56. I know those two are supposed to be made more compact, but would they be compact enough to fit? If no, could I change mounting plates to try and squeeze it in there? I hope so, as I LOVE the LS-56

I have read a majority of the Sanwa Modded ex-2 threads, so please don’t link me to those, unless you feel that my question is answered directly.

Thanks in advance.

Buy a Seimitsu LS-33 and an LS-55 spring.

You’ll have to install without a mounting plate, but the base should fit right in.
Can’t remember if you have to grind/cut out a small hole on the plate.

Bonus: the spare MS mounting plate is ideal for replacing the VF plate in an LS-56.

Alternative: Buy a JLF, remove the mounting plate, cut the base so that it’s square.
Then replace the shaft & actuator with the ones from the EX2 stick.

Alternative alternative: Buy a JLF restrictor plate (any model) and 4x MS-O-3R microswitches from AkiShop.

Thanks for the answer. If I go the LS-33 route, and I install without the mounting plate, that really just affects stick height, right? Will the base just screw in using the original EX-2 screws or will I need to dremel/drill anything out?

take my Hori FS3 mod as an example of what the height will most likely look like.

if the inside of the Hori EX2 is anything like the Hori FS3 then yes, you will need a dremel to drill out 4 new holes for the stick to mount (its not that hard really) And yes, you can use the original Screws that came with the stick. I am not at all familiar with the EX2 so don’t take my word for it. Im just going by what i had to do with the Hori FS3.

for more additional info check this thread: