Making a standard player made revision for 3rd Strike

making a standard “player made revision” for 3rd Strike

First of all i’m not trying to get everybody to play this revision (if the idea goes through). I believe people can play both the arcade and a player made revision. This all started with the thread about banning chun ken and yun. I don’t believe that’s a good idea because it affects arcade players and these characters are beatable, you just have to work harder to win :sweat:.

Now when it comes to the console versions capcom included extra options and system directions. Unfortunatly we are unable to program chuns priorities and Yun priorities in GJ, but we can change some settings in order to balance the game.

Due to the request of a few members, we will start makes changes at a slower pace and fix them as problems arise. Here are setting(s) that we decided should be changed for now:

System Directions

Page 10:

Missed Move S.A. Gauge Build: OFF

We can sit here all day and type out theories and pros and cons, but the only real way to find out is if some people play this game and give me their feedback. A small compition with these rules would be ideal to show how balanced or unbalanced the games is. So fellow SRKers try these settings and share your thoughts.

If you play arcade exclusively that’s nice, don’t come and ruin this thread but if you have ideas about some options then you’re welcome to share it with everybody.

keep it civilized :angel:

Keep checking this message as it will be the one with the latest updates

Some characters will definitely benefit from that (some might even benefit too much).

That will surely make all the Makoto/Urien players happy.

I don’t know about that. Even though everyone would have 1 bar that would still change the game a lot. Chun Li would have the option of dominating the ground w/ SA2 and at the same time have a decent AA w/ SA1. Makoto would have the option of using either SA1 or SA2 depending on the situation. Ryu could either go for the rushdown and try to land SA2 or play safe and try to land a SA1 or even try to bait something, score a knockdown and go for the SA3.

Your intentions seem good but chances are this thread will become a flame fest, like other threads I’ve seen before.

Makoto is top tier in that game.

Damage should be on 3 stars - I don’t know.

Everybody has 1 super bar (denjin size). - Might be good. I’d think longer would be better, but thats not taking into consideration other changes.

EX uses 1 star meter (mininmum). - I’m not sure exactly how much this is.

wiffing normals doesn’t build meter. - Should be good.

wiffing specials to build meter is ok. - This could potentially be a problem.

meter can build up 1 star faster. - I’m not sure how much this will affect things overall.

Parrying window should be lowered to minimum (red parrying also minimum) - Can you remove red parry? Or just remove parrying altogether.

Stun bar fills up faster (1 more star) - I don’t think its necessary, but I don’t think it will matter much.

All supers (need people’s opinion on this one) - Should be good.

GILL IS BANNED (still) - Does he need to be unlocked to make all the changes?

Doesn’t enabling all 3 supers change the super stock to 2 and length by default?

That’s exactly what i was afraid of. All supers with those options make Ryu the best character, but then again a lot of characters like Akuma Hugo Q 12 and Oro could really use it.

let me analyize some characters (suppose we keep all SAs)

Ken’s SAIII is no longer his best. Target combos will do better damage and stun. Using EX denies him from using a super (for a little bit). EX air Hurricane kicks becomes a favorite.

Chun has crappy anti air. So SA1 would help her out there (even though most will use SA2 mostly and SA1 in emergancy situations. Remember parrying is much harder now…

Yun can get killed by most of the cast before he gets a super bar. He becomes a double edged sword, but if he gets SAIII of good luck. sorry can’t abuse for meter anymore.

Yang gets a big boost. Lots of EX slashes and SAIII has a longer bar allowing for more damage, but like yun can get killed quickly.

Makoto stuns if SAII connects and damage is higher, SAI also an option. She would be 2nd only to Ryu. At least no more wiffing crouching mk for meter.

Akuma probably gets weaker overall because he can be killed in 5 seconds, so rushdown becomes a must. He has 5 supers in his disposal and air fire balls/ supers become much harder to parry.

Urien become better i think. He loses the 2 aegis but if he gets somebody in a corner he could keep them there by 1 aegis in front of them or tackle into thunder for stun. Let’s not forget the deadly SAI or getting hit by air fire ball and tackled 5 times.

Wiffing normals for meter is cheesy and fast imo, but wiffing specials is ok. Some characters like hugo and alex need a way to build meter while chun and yun don’t.

Parrying is a cool idea but it simply too easy now. Kens and chun just sit and wait for that low so make it harder and if they miss the parry they get punished. I don’t think we should remove parrying.

Where is a list of all system direction options, i’m assuming they are the same WRT xbox and ps2?

go to the system directions part of the faq

about the all the SAs: You can change it to 1 stock in the extra options menu, and even the length of the bar (i believe). Can somebody please confirm that you can have all SAs and 1 stock?

Oh yeah, the players will LOVE that.

I think that’s changing too much.

Whiffing normals doesn’t build meter - ok
Same, large meter - ok
meter builds faster - maybe ok
ex uses less meter - maybe ok

the rest, i think, is opening up a huge can of worms that I predict will result in another set of ‘top tier’ chars and we’ll have the same situation as we have now, except it’ll be ryu & makoto all day.

And why change the parry stuff?

But even the reduced changes seriously hinder some characters. I think we should keep things as is.

At the same time, though, it could be fun to hold some tourneys with some alternate rules. We are playing to have fun, right?

Why is everyone trying to negate or just flatout remove what makes 3s semi balanced in the 1st place? Parry. That would just give Hugo and Q 1-9 matchups.

the only change i see as valid is whiff for meter being taken out.

upping or lowering damage screws up so much of the weaker characters that depend on zoning and single countering hits to win…

dont mess with the meters it wouldnt be sf3 if you could use all supers. at that point just go play alpha.

also putting up stun damage is not a smart idea, you are basically making makoto a solid top tier at that point, more dangerous then CKY. one ex hayate and you are screwed.

no whiffing normals for meter should be the only thing that should be accepted imo. i think if you took out whiffing normals for meter that would solve the most problems without completely ruining the game.

Since most of the 3s discussion revolves around supers, i would definately examine allowing all 3 supers. If we can’t allow all 3 supers and change the # of stocks, there’s a problem, since ryu would have 2 shinshos, makoto would have 2 SA1’s, ibuki would have 2 grab supers etc…

Aside from that we would have to decide 1) whether to start the meters from full every round, or 2) to reset meter after each round.

I like resetting meter (either to empty or full), because it really gives you true rounds, instead of building meter in rd1 and spending it in rd2 and rd3 depends on how much meter there is left.

guilty gear style. I like it

I like it but i would just delete somethings. I think the only changes there should be is that all supers should be allowed and whiffs dont build meter anymore.

good to see that some people are contributing to this cause.

It seems that everybody agrees on the wiffing normals for meter which should be removed. My plan was trying to make this similar to SSF2T in terms of damage and stun. I also thought about the meter reseting to 0 every round, it’s worth a try as long as we increase how much is gained during the round. Keeping all SAs brings more strategy to the game imo and gives more options.

Sadly i forgot to bring my power cord for my ps2 to my apartment, so i can’t really tell how strong makoto is (right now), but i still know that most characters own her with Btw if you get hit with dudley’s jump in RH -> Standing RH-> EX upper, then you deserve the stun/ lost round (SFII style).

Many times i see lower tier characters (12 and remy) winning the round but they lose it because it takes too long to kill the opposition and/or they get figured out. If the damage and stun are 1 star higher those matches would have been won.

This won’t be decided anytime soon. People will have to test these things vs other players. I will do testing of my own and post pro and cons of characters with whatever changes that are brought up in this thread.

Edit: Full supers at the beginning of the round is out of the question. Remember the guy in my avatar? and the strongest woman in the world?

Alex: becomes a powerhouse damage is higher and he can stun more now. Hey can take damage better than most characters. EX is better now. All SA aren’t a big deal for him, unless you catch someone offguard.

Hugo: all supers gives him a LOT more options: Anti air super, gigas should damn near kill anybody and hammer super if he confims it. EX can be used and gained by either attacking or doing his claps.

Remy: More EX, anti air super AND projectile super help him out.

Twelve: a world of difference, twelve has to be random and a few right moves and you can stun your opponent. All SAs help big time part of the randomness. You get supered you’re screwed this revision or the arcade lol. Runaway game is a must, but overall he gets a big boost.

sean: still sucks but not as much. can get Hyper tornado faster. EX kicks more often.

Except that that raises the other person’s damage as well, and Twelve can’t afford to be taking anymore damage than he already is.
Honestly the only option I would ever enable in system direction is some kind of
"Disable c. MK cancellability for Chun-li" toggle.

ouch this hurts akuma no thx!

These revisions won’t work, for all the reasons listed above and some other ones…

First of all, you can’t have everyone have one super bar, as far as I know. You can’t change that in System Direction. Also, if you make everyone able to use all supers, then they have 2 bars no matter what.

Next, why upgrade damage and stun damage? No real reason for that.

Next, if you make the cost of EX go down, I mean…I know that’s gonna be abused. Maybe make it go down from what it is, but the MINIMUM amount in System Direction actually makes EX moves cost literally no super bar, so, you know.

IMO, people should just ban Chun-Li and Ken at normal levels of play, and Yun at high levels of play (i.e. EVO). Or they should hold a seperate tournament where they’re banned. IMO most of the people opposing them being banned are just big assholes who just don’t want 3S changed for the sake of not being changed. IMO it’s worth a try, especially for Ken and Chun-Li.

The worst thing that can happen is…oh no! We see people like Dudley, Urien, Makoto in the winners at EVO 2007. Head for the hills.

take out the champions and makoto shall rise, lol =p