Making a TE Stick "My Own"? (First timer)

Heya modders,

A bit before I aquired my first/only stick, I was searching around and found a website that offered quite a few DIY cases that weren’t insanely expensive. Been searching for almost two hours now and cannot find ANY thing about blank/empty/DIY cases. Google redirects me to outdated sites that get no love.

I’d like to pick up one of these cases and wait for AkiShop’s PS360+ PCB to release and then see what I can put together. Are there any case builders out there I could peep? If there are wooden TE-style cases, that’d be pure win. I actually really enjoy the size & weight of them. If not, no trippin. I’ll just use what I dig. :smiley:

Just let me know. And sorry if this clutters up your forum. I’m sure it’ll be off the first page in a day or two!

Thanks a ton,

You can try the trading outlet to see if someone is selling any extra cases in the style your looking for or you could commission them to make you a custom case.

Oh just FYI, your fine to buy from others, but to sell on the trading outlet you need 50 or more post made and total of 6 or more months as a member of SRK.

Understood! I’ll poke around.
Thanks for the reply. :china:

I’m not sure of your budget, but I’d consider a TEK Case from Art if you want a DIY case. But yeah, you can find great spare cases in TO.

Those TEK cases look really cool. anybody have any reviews on them?