Making a wireless arcade stick without using an Xbox controler. Possible?


I’d like to build some arcade sticks but everyone wants them to be wireless.

From a consumer point of view I’m worried about this as it would limit the stick to the xbox 360 or the PC. I know I could probably have it set up so as to also work with a Cthulhu board but then we have the next issue.

I’m not comfortable with sacrificing a gamepad just to make a stick.

If there any alternative?

Thanks in advance.

Short answer: No

Long Answer:
Yes, but you would have to spend hundreds on creating custom wireless technology where the input is received and wirelessly sent to an interpreter on the other end to output to the console of choice. Not to mention the fact that a dual mod with xbox 360 would be nearly impossible due to its security chip.

I see. I has kind of hoping for some solution to be out there already as I’m a lot better with wood than with programing something like that.

Problem is the couple of guys who want a stick want it to be wireless. Guess I’m going to have to just destroy a xbox pad.

Thanks, ExtremeYoshiFan.

It might help to explain to them they don’t want the lag a wireless stick has, And make sure you know what you are getting in to the 360 control hack is soldering hell.

Make note of the small size of the directional pads contacts, I wouldn’t sell one to someone who couldn’t touch up a solder point and without out explaining "These solder points WILL pop off eventually.

And if I recall correctly the wireless board is even more of a nuisance.

I wish they’d understand that but it’s set in their minds so it has to be done so.

I kind of wish I hadn’t started looking into this. I was looking forward to making some cool cases with some cool colors and parts and I haven’t even discussed what they want aesthetically…

/long rant…

I’m going to show them that picture and see if I can talk some sense into them.

If that doesn’t work I hate to start any possible “career” like this but I guess I’m going to have to say no to my first two clients, just make some sticks for myself and let them come as the saying goes.

Thanks, Jimbo.

You could also use the PCB from a Tekken 6 wireless stick.

LOL i just finished a wireless fight stick. There no much lag.

If using a MS wireless pad, you need to apply hot glue to the wire and glue it to the board. The trick is to apply the glue to the wire and board away from any solder point. This will solve the problem of relieving strain on the wire and in case you have repair the solder, the area will be clean. Make sure the solder point is not covered in an thick blob of glue creating a mess.

Nerrage: Maybe if I find one that’s broken on ebay or something, yeah, that’s a good idea.

Rtdzign: Yeah, I figured I’d need to find some way to remove all of the stress from the solder points. Neat solution. BTW: I love that flamed maple stick and the button colors really work with the natural wood.

Thanks folks.

i think bencao is ur man. havent seen him in a while tho, but look at this

I’ve looked into what little I could gleam from that and turns out I can replace the UPCB with the MC Cthulhu. Still a bit fuzzy on the wirless bit but in another thread it’s possible. I’ll link to it later but there is hope now. Thanks :smiley:

This is the thread link.

Only problem is the link that explains how he did the wireless module doesn’t work…


wasn’t aware of this thread. Get in touch with me via pm or arcadeforge contact form

Speaking of lag, I believe there were some tests done some time ago that showed that, at the very least the official wireless pads are just as fast as most custom wired solutions.

Yes, that was also my last state. Our measure for the wireless addition was 25% of a 1 frame worst case. For me the question is more to power the stuff and recharge it in a nicely manner.

You might want to ask these guys if they intend to play in tournaments. Seems like more and more are banning wireless controllers. Just a thought.

Wow. That’s way more lag than I’d expected it to be.

Regarding the OP:
I’m not sure what the most cost effective option is, but you can also do controller -> wireless bluetooth -> wired base station, and then put all kinds of stuff in the base. You basically have to buy a sacrificial controller or a PCB kit to make a custom stick anyway.