Making an always closed button?

Is it possible to make a pushbutton (or is there one that already exists?) that will always be closed as opposed to open, and when you push the button it opens the circuit?

Seems like such a simple idea but I haven’t seen anything like this being built into an arcade button, was just curious. :lovin:

I’m curious what the application of this would be.

In most games wouldn’t that just make the button stick on non-stop rapid fire?

What is the application for this? I’m curious because I can’t think of one.

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If you use american buttons (Happ) the K series they use have NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) terminals.

Easiest way off the top of my head.

Most cherry switches have an always open and always closed on them.

I’m failing to understand why someone would want a normally closed circuit as well, it doesn’t make sense in my head, unless they want to play Balrog and always have a turn punch charging or something, which would be silly and pointless due to him needing his kick buttons for other things and making all of the kicks useless unless they were to hold down the normally closed button, turning it “off” and allowing them to use those buttons separately.

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Oh well, cherry switches seem to be the answer unless someone knows the brand of microswitches that Sanwa uses and can locate a normally closed version there.

However can I somehow use a cherry switch for a pushbutton?

As for why? I was mostly just curious to see if there was already such an item available in a push-button variety. I’m always too curious for my own good I suppose.

I was also interested in making a stick that would have a button with a switch that’s always closed, but also have a physical button just in case the circuit needed to be opened. Though I know this could probably be better accomplished by like, a flick switch, for atheistic purposes I wanted it to look like an arcade button (or possible just be one :lol:)

I guess it could be used for charge moves that require a button, though that’s probably not practical as it’d take away an attack button.

Happ competition buttons (US button manufacturer) uses cherry switches in their buttons:

The issue with using an always closed button is that the game will think you’re always holding down a button. Perhaps there are situations where this is useful, but I can’t really think of any off the top of my head.

If you’re using Sanwa/Seimitsu I guess you could always use an inverter chip. Basically what that would do is take the open signal and turn it into a closed signal and vice versa.

Data sheet for a 7404 inverter

It looks confusing, but basically you would connect your +5V on your PCB to VCC, your ground to GND, and connect the signal from the button going in to 1A and out of 1Y. (or 2A/Y, etc). That should work.

Might be a bit too much work, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Ah ok, I actually never used Happ buttons before so I didn’t know, I guess that wraps this one up, thanks guys.