Making an arcade pad

Hi, I ordered all my parts from Lizard Lick (Great site) and I was wondering what do I need to know? Here is what I ordered.

[]Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Joystick
]IL Translucent Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch x2
[*]Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons x6

I know I have to use metal and plexi to hold the buttons, but how thick should the metal and the plexiglass be for the joystick and the buttons? Also, how deep should the hole be until I make the edge to drill the metal and the joystick into? And, what size drill bit thingy should I use to cut the holes in the metal and plexiglass? Also how big should the holes be for the IL Translucent Pushbutton?

ANDDDD, where is the ground for the sanwa buttons?

Thanks in advance.

Combined thickness should be about 1/8". I don’t understand the “how deep” question.

OBSF-30 takes 1-3/16" bit, 1" is good enough for a Sanwa joystick in a metal panel.

It doesn’t matter which prong you use on the button switches.

you can use mdf if you want, make sure there is 9mm total of any material you are mounting it on (route out the mdf to be 9mm total depth from top to bottom for area of joystick)

buttons are 30mm holes (the obsf) , stick is 24 mm hole, dunno bout the IL

ground is one of 2 prongs on the button, doesn’t matter which afik but the grounds all need to be connected to a single wire

edit: green beat me to it

Sweet, thanks for the help guys.