Making charge characters lose their charge/stored charges?


I couldn’t find any thread on this, and maybe it’s just something I’m expected to know about (searched for crossup/crossups/charge), but I wanted to know if there is any strategy to use against charge characters so that they lose either their back-charge, downback-charge, or down-charge.

I know jumping towards a character (in this case, I mean trying to do a crossup) will usually lead to bad things happening to me, but is there anything one can do against charge characters other than playing a mixup game of upper and lower body attacks (some characters can just even block lower body attacks by only holding back in some cases). Attacking high can force them to block high, making them lose their down charge … but are there other techniques people do to force charge characters from their charged/turtle state?

The same thing goes for Honda’s Oicho, is there a method on how to force him to lose it? Does crossing over to the opposite side make Honda lose his stored Oicho? Or is there a button press they can do to keep that stored Oicho when the opponent flips to the opposite direction?


jump over them/cross them up to make them lose back ad downback charge.

there isnt anything you can do to make them lose their down charge to my limited knowledge


You make them lose their down charge by safe jumping.


This is what had made me ask the question in the first place. NKI mentions that they can keep their horizontal charge on crossups and they can do their charge attack almost as quickly as if they didn’t lose their charge at all:


Charge retention is possible, I do it all the time - but it’s really hard to do, and for me, comes out unpradictably.


Trying to cross up people to force them to lose their charge isn’t a good idea. With the right timing, all they need to do is keep holding back as you go over their head and press an attack button at the right time… boom, instant charge move. Kind of funny doing a Psycho Crusher to people as they are crossing me up.

Hard to actually do though. The timing is like… really precise. If I’m on the left and blocking left as someone attempts a cross up, all it takes is hitting a punch button while holding left almost as soon as the left/right switch happens.


It’s not that I am doing a crossup so that they lose their charge I asked this question so that I know what *could *happen after a crossup on the opponent. If I know that it’s really hard to time some charge moves after crossups or that some stored moves are lost when a crossup is done, I can either attack full force or hold back after mixing it up.


Gotta bait the fireball or upkicks/flash kick basicly. Walk up and do your best ranged or low poke, or find out what moves and angles your character have that will trade or beat these moves when jumping in. And if you happen to bait an upkicks make sure you punish them for it and think twice about sitting in a turtle position.


Syxx knows what he’s talking about. Basically, while you’re charged, you have pretty limited options if you want to not lose your charge, so at some point you’re likely to lose it to attack somehow.

For instance, Guile’s Sonic Boom makes him lose all charge, so every time he wants to attack you with it, you have a moment to jump on him safe from his Flash Kick.

Another part of fighting charge characters is recognizing when they do lose their charge. For instance, if you’re Zangief vs Honda and you’re mashing crouching jabs, at some point Honda will likely walk forwards a bit to far sweep you out of them. At that point, Honda has lost all his charge, so you’re free to jump on him without fearing his headbutt and buttslam.