Making Competitive Clan, Looking for Members


Alright Im looking for people who share the same goal as me.

GOAL: To start competitive gaming and try to advance towards becoming a professional gamer.

If that isn’t your goal you can stop reading.

Ok so I have been on a numerous number of sites to join clans for various games who said alot of things that sound promising but once I was actually in it turned out to prove that was just a front to get me in when they were nothing how they claimed they would be. Alot of my friends said I should just make my own team but I thought I would just join someone else’s team because that would be easier and quicker. This hasn’t really worked out although I did meet some good friends this way but they were just too different from the way I wanted to play.

So I will take the time and build a team from scratch. I think MLG Gamebattles will be a good start towards getting into pro gaming. If we can enter online ladders and tournaments and actually start winning then that’s when we can move on to the big league. I can’t see into the future so I can only work on 1 thing at a time and the first step I believe is getting your team set up.

I know that actually making a living by playing video games will be a tough road but if your the type who is willing to go for it then I ask you join me and who knows this could start out as 1 guys dream to make it to the big league playing with alot of other players or equal and higher skill level and end up becoming reality!..or I could just be wasting my time with this post and my dreams on something that will never come true.

Well its 1 thing at a time so here is how I see this working out:

  1. Gather members for a team. (I think maybe 4 or 8 people might be a good start)
  2. Pick a game we all enjoy and start a team on Gamebattles.
  3. Practice. Practice. Practice. Not individually but as a team.
  4. Come up with a team name and form our team. (If its something we all decide we want we can make a website like most other teams have)
  5. Enter the ladder of our game of choice.
  6. Enter the Tournament.
  7. Practice. Practice. Practice. Not individually but as a team.

Ok so some things that you will need but you most likely already have these things.

  • USA (If your out of the country I think timezones and language barrier might be a problem)
  • Headset (Need to communicate)
  • Able to practice almost DAILY. (I understand some of us may go to school or work so its not going to be anything like 8 hours every day but something like 3 or 4 hours will do.)
  • Good Reflexes.
  • Healthy. (Seriously I don’t want you to be someone who sits in the dark with poor eyesight for 14 hours straight and not eating right and stuff like that)
  • Knows how to use his/her resources. (I personally like to look online for little tips and tricks to help me in a game. If you know how to find the kind of information your looking for and able to tell the lies from the truth then thats a big plus! Personally I hate having to direct anyone to something when they can easily google it and find it usually on the first few pages.)
    ++++++ GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP! (If you die and start taking your anger out on someone or something physical thats bad sportsmanship and shows you can’t handle playing just a game. I want everyone to play nice.)

Ok so If your interested and want to join then here is some of my info.

Location: East Coast, USA
Timezone: -05:00 GMT
PSN: Icegoten
AIM: Icegoten30 (Please email me first if you want to contact through AIM because I don’t always log on but I can at any time)
YIM: (Please email me first if you want to contact through AIM because I don’t always log on but I can at any time)

Contact me at any of those and we will talk more about it. If you have general questions just please post.


So…you don’t even know what game it’ll be for?

I’ve been to the SF4 MLG forum, they impose alot of bullshit rules, which real tournaments don’t… (including the KZ2 forum).

Don’t take my comments as a “shoot down” though, just expressing my opinions, I may be interested depending on which game you go with.


There’s money in CS1.6 and CSS but that’s all I know of.

Hope some European guy has the same ambition as you and in the Streetfighter series… Then I might like to try out.