Making custom ball tops

I’m new to the custom scene, and I’m about to make a 2nd custom stick. The thing is, I wanted to have a characters head as the balltop. I looked on ebay to see if I could find something I could use, and I did: Pez Dispenser heads. So the topic is: How do I connect a Pez dispenser head to the top of a JLF? I already have a 6mm nut that I can use to screw it on, the real question is how I get that nut to stay in there firmly enough to hold the nut in place? I’m trying filling it with caulk right now, but that’s not working yet. I also thought about some clay. The main problem is that there’s about a 1/2 inch of space going into the dispenser head. Let me know okay? Thanks for any help.

superglue/loctite likes to stick to stuff very well. Post pics if you accomplish this.

What you should use is epoxy made to bond to plastic. You will need to have enough to fill it, and will need a way to hold the nut in place as the epoxy cures.

How about using an action figure or pez head and suspend it in a clear ball?

This can be done using an acrylic epoxy that dries clear in a really basic hobby sphere silicone mold that can be bought at a hobby shop.

All you would have to do is put a threadded sleeve insert, similar to the converter sleeves to adapt Seimitsu ball tops to Sanwa sticks.

You could insert the sleeve into the base of the pez head, fill the silicone mold from the bottom most of the way on a counter top surface, place the head inside with the threadded insert unsubmerged in the clear epoxy and hold the threadded insert with a piece of allthread or a bolt. Then hold the allthread/bolt in place with something simple like some helping hands (name of an articulated clamp tool typically used for electrical soldering work that usually comes with a magnifying glass)

You can get epoxy that dries inside of five minutes. If the silicone mold is good enough, it may not even need polishing after removing it from the silicone mold when dry, but you could polish it using 1500 or 2000 grit paper with some clear plastic polish. Meguiar’s car products makes a nice clear plastic polish that removes microscratches and can be used by hand or with a buffer.

Heh… one of the next customs I want to do is going to use a gear shift knob as a balltop. Weight is becoming an issue though as gear shift knobs are heavier than… plastic balls… so I’m either going to need a really heavy spring or to mod a happ stick.

Well friend your best bet is to proceed as follows:

  1. Get an epoxic glue for plastic/metal
  2. Get a screw of the same specifications as the the jlf top end screw and a couple of nuts (you said you have 1 you need more)
  3. Screw both nuts to to the screw you bought. The outer nut must be placed according to the height you want the custom thingy to stand. The second is to help secure (aka with a piece of paper) the screw so that it stays even.
  4. Fill the PEZ with epoxy. (BTW Is this, the one on the caramel dispenser? It’s been years since 1 of these here in Greece)
  5. Place screw in up to desired height. Be careful you may spill it on the head thing.
    **Important note: Since its impossible to keep it straight by hand I’d recommend securing the whole contraption on an even surface with wall-tack or sth, as well as covering the custom head with kid’s clay (i hope you get my point, I’m not sure it’s the correct translation).
  6. Upload photo, because I’d like to see it very much.

My custom balltop has been created via this method to good effect (epoxy painted black afterwards).
If you need more info PM/e-mail, I’ll help as much as I can. Good luck!

Wow, that balltop’s looking pretty beast. As for my top, caulk was a bad idea. I pretty much wasted a head with it. It seemed to work at first, but it just sucks as a filler, and the center doesn’t dry. Now I have another question… I went down to the local store to find some epoxy. I said earlier I was thinking about clay or putty to fill it, but also glue or epoxy to stick. What I didn’t know is that they make a epoxy putty. I’ve yet to try it, but it’s pretty much a epoxy that’s also made for filling. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this stuff before I drop some dough on it? I’ll keep you guys posted.