Making DC 3s more like the arcade


Other than setting the Parries and Red Parries to 1 star, is there any other changes I need to select to make it like arcade?


I’ve heard setting parry to 1 star is like the arcade…but im not sure if that even makes a huge difference at all.

That’s it though…all the other things…like timing differences with links and juggles…those can’t be changed.

And that blows!! :frowning:


WOW! What perfection!

I was planning on starting this very thread.

Anyway, I think changing the parries to 1 star really made a difference. Now as for the unblockables/music/sprites… :bluu:


Is this for real? So, by changing the parry input time we cancel out the input lag? Crazy.


Hrm… it seems the higher the stars go, the more leniency the system has (for four stars you can walk forward a bit and it will still register as parry, as well as parry close). But strangly, the difference between one and two seems to be not so as much the leniency, but the time of parry (one star being parry on reaction and two star being parry a split second before that). Can anybody else comment more on Third Strike DC vs. Arcade conformation?


I have the japanese version of 3s for dreamcast. Anyone care to tell me how to change this stuff? :smiley:


Go to and find the System Direction FAQ.


What about the damage level? It seems like all of my rounds last too long and the supers do too little damage compared to most arcades. It’s on default for the DC, i think, but what are most arcades at?