Making deejay's crossups ambiguous

I hear lots of talk about how deejay’s crossup is really ambiguous but when I use him it’s just not. I try picking random sides and mixing in delayed knee drops and j.hps but I still get blocked 90% of the time. As a result it’s pretty much impossible for me to open up the defence of any opponent who knows how to tech and I have 0 opportunities to land combos.

Any tips or advice on how the hell to do this?

I can’t explain it. Try landing on top of your opponents head

its all about when you jump and when you press mk.

^lol every time I try to do ambiguous cross ups I actually land in front of them EVERYTIME…I have to deliberately go for a cross up. I’m not sure if its supposed to be that way.

There’s this certain distance that if you stand from your opponent, jump and hold forward mk, you will land a cross up. If you hold back and press mk, you land a regular jump. That’s what I found anyway to my limited knowledge.

Also, how can Da Knut not explain it, with that freaky Dee Jay of his? Just doesn’t wanna give away his secrets :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly because if you’re doing it right even you won’t know which side you’re landing on :slight_smile:

Its more character specific than it seems, really no way to tell you how to get it, other then playing with all his UTKD’s and seeing which one works on the bigger characters, and which one works on the smaller ones with different timing.

I can almost always land my Slasher FADC setups on the slightly larger or medium characters, but it requires a full step back and only on a forward throw for the smaller ones.

There is just too much shiit to really sit down and tell you how to read it, but as long as you practice and get the jist of it on Ryu and Ken, you’ll be solid for awhile. You shouldn’t know which side you are going to come down on until long after you know how to do it intentionally.

THIS is the answer. Toy with the different timing of the jump and the when you press mk. just like Da Knut said also…aim for the head. The whole reason why it’s ambiguous is because even when it LOOKS like deejay is RIGHT above you it can still cross up. If you’re getting blocked 90% of the time you should also work on conditioning your opponent to something first, like knee shot baits or even knee shot ticks or non-cross up MK’s if that makes sense?

I’ve been playing Deejay from day 1 and this ambiguous cross thing still escapes me. I try to time any jump in attack off of UTKD and make it safe. That’s my #1 concern. Even that gets away from me (against shotos). We need an instructional video bad. Please LOL.

Ambiguous cross ups are not safe (usually not).If you try to make it a safe jump, you will get DPed everytime.


Vortex starts at 2:26. None of those jump ins where safe.If you can make your opponent guess wrong 2-3 times… they are usualy mind fucked.

Jump 2:26- shenanigan kneeshot. It crossed up but if he tried to dp, the dp would have whiffed.
Jump 3:31- ambiguos crossup/fake cross up. It was dangerous because if he Dped there was a chance that he could have traded or I would have clipped him which would put me in a bad 50/50 situation. He had full super meter and ultra which was dumb, but I was losing and needed to take a chance to get back in the game
Jump 3:34- Another dangerous jump because of meter. It made the Dp whiff. Maybe he was expecting knee shot. A late dp would have beat my cross up. If he blocked, I wouldn’t have crossed up
Jump 3:37- Same jump in but I input mk a little earlier. I assumed that he thought I was going for the exact same jump at 3:34 but he DP to late. Kneeshot would have worked but it was a little bit to risky. Dude was mind fucked.

It’s always a pleasure to see a great player break down their match like that. Nice play-by-play of that vortex, Knut, appreciate it.

When you have someone in the vortex do you guys try to end it with big damage?I try to end it on the 3rd or 4th rep with ex upper to ex sobat.

…Is that a good idea…or should I just try to maintain the vortex. I guess I end it cuase I feel like I honestly will F up somewhere in there.

It sucks that I can’t give instructions on how to do different jumpins like Akuma or Makoto. I don’t use whiff normals, I rely on experience.

That depends on the situation. A good example is Sagat with full ultra and super meter and you have the life lead. “Naw I’m not gonna mess with the king. I’ll get my big combo and call it a day.”