Making Evolution more spectator-friendly


I just wanted to start a discussion about whether Evo should be more spectator-friendly and what people think about the whole idea…

Basically, the #1 activity that will be done during the weekend will be watching other people’s matches. For a tournament that size, it’s impossible for it to be player-oriented… there just aren’t enough machines, not enough games to be played.

I thought about it and I was reminded of the SBO report… Japan knows that the big tournaments are primarily spectator events. I think that with the huge crowd that will be at Evo (made even huger by including other games), the more like SBO it can be, the better. Obviously it can’t be just like SBO with a giant screen and cabinets set up on a stage and all that… but the closer to that, the more fun Evo will be for most of the players.

Are there any plans to do any of this stuff?

B5 was an amazing tournament, but if there was any flaw (other than not including A2), it was that it wasn’t quite spectator-oriented enough. I like SF a lot, but there’s only so much I can take of waiting in line 30 minutes to get smacked down in 1 minute on one of the few casual games, and only so much A3 and MVC2 I can watch on the big screens, especially when most people’s playing styles are so similar. By the end of each day, I got a little bored of it all.

But it would have been a LOT more fun if I knew who was playing on the big screens, especially if it’s someone I know, or someone I’ve heard of online. “Hey look it’s that one scrub from South Dakota who bragged so much, let’s see how he does”, or “Look, Duc is playing, I want to see just what’s so special about HIS Spiral trap”, or even if you don’t have any idea who either player is, it would be fun to see a NY player vs a CA player for instance even if the match isn’t important. If there are going to be big screens set up like before, maybe someone could announce with the megaphone (or whatever) to the crowd, saying who’s going up against who? At first I was thinking of maybe some way to have their names on the screen, but I guess that would be way too much work.

I also had an idea I’d like to suggest, I don’t know if it would be realistically possible- what about an online broadcast of at least the big tournament final matches? Just take a webcam and point it at the screen or something. The quality doesn’t have to be good at all, just as long as you can basically know who’s playing and see who has a longer lifebar. Having sound or better quality video would be nice, but not necessary. I would definitely be interested in something like this, and I think I’m probably not the only one. People would gladly pay money for the webcast of the final matches if it was enough to know what’s going on, I know I would.


Totally agree. Another suggestion, get better footage for the DVD. Last years DVD was great, the footage was good, but it could have been better.

Since this of course, is a large under taking, have you thought of getting people to do volunteer work in exchange for food/housing/entrance fees? Just a thought.

BTW, thanks again for putting this event out. I didn’t go last year and the chances of me going this year are slim to nil. But I appreciate EVO, cause it sort of creates a ‘shockwave’ effect through the US arcade scene. Evo,, the apex system- it boosts the competition in all our own little arcades. Thanks again for keeping the scene alive.


This year, SRK plans on having a computer central, that controls all the feed from the games and projects it on to a screen with the names under them. This should please all spectators out there, who dont like to crowd around the machine.

As for last year’s quality of footage, our direct feed was ruined. We had to use the crowds tapes that were taped from the camcorder. This year, hopefully we will have it under control.


I’ve been looking around for a solution to this myself, what are you guys using for evo? I don’t know much about real time overlaying.


IS the cal poly student union able to hold a tournament of this caliber??? 9 games??

is it bigger then the UCLA ackerman center???


Damn. Pretty nice.


the room it’s going to be in is the one in the upper level labeled “multipurpose room” and is enough to fit 36 cars comfortably and is about 2 stories high with everything needed to suit our needs


So how many Cabinets will be in Evo this year?Im really looking forward to go! It would be a great experience in my gaming life! Id like to meet a few of my Idles… aka Sin :smiley:


live feed would be nice. peole that couldn’t attend or whatever, but for the b5, b6 tournies, cannons attempted to break even money wise by selling the dvds. online feed would ruin that a bit.


For a Gigantic sreen thingy, you could prolly just get a projector that will take a digital feed. In fact, most respectable schools should have some… it might not be a bad idea to see if it would be possible to borrow one.