Making fight sticks for original xbox. result: a lot of jumping


Hey! I’m working on a small project of making fight sticks for the original Xbox, using Microsoft s-type controllers. I have gotten a few right the first time, but this fourth one has been a recurring nightmare! I have probably gone through four failed attempts and each seems to fail in the same manner: when plugged into the Xbox they seem to be sending a constant [up] signal. When the controller is plugged into a different machine outside of any fight stick apparatus it works fine, but as soon as I bring it to my test machine, it seems to fail. I do need to test without any microswitches attached, but it seems that I am consistently doing something wrong on the controller as it does not matter which port I am in, nor are the results replicated with a different controller PCB in the same apparatus.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? I apologize if I missed a key post which may lead me to success, but I have been googling up frustration all week, and I’m hoping someone in this community might be able to assist my search.

thank you, in advance, for your help–
I will be back soon :slight_smile:


Sounds like your up signal is hitting ground.


it does sound like that. but my ohmmeter disagrees. Note, it works fine on an unmodded xbox. Is it possible that the original dashboard has a filter to take out erroneous signals?


Any chance it’s the analog and it’s not calibrating right for some reason?


My suggestion, as always, for these sorts of threads is as many pics of your wiring job as possible.