Making holes in wood, which bit should i use


I came across this drill bit set in the sunday news

it stays it works better than spade bits, but i"m not to sure, seeing as i have never used either. what do you guys think i should use to make the holes for 30mm and 34mm buttons in a half inch thick piece of MDF?


Spade bits work fine for MDF, you’re good. The only problem is when you start to drill hardwood with them, the wood can chip out both on top and on the bottom of the board.

Forstner bits would be better.

Also, the ones in your picture look like they might work well also, although I have no experience with those bits.


I would actully use a bimetal hole saw. You can use those on metal, wood and lexan no problem. No chipping etc. Works with power drill.


^ i read some where that those are known for making a bigger whole than the size they are. so if i got a 30mm one, the hole would be bigger? This is just something i read.


I have made every stick that I use. I have used those holesaws and my buttons fit perfect. I have never had a problem with the hole size.


^thats good to know, do you use the same ones that you posted in your previous post?


Yes, I have used Dewalts and the home depot ryobi brand for smaller holes (start, select and joystick hole).


Spade bits are fine for MDF for wood you should use a forstner bit or a hole saw.

Edit: forstner bits are the best but do cost a bit more. No pun intended.


i’ll be using this bit on MDF, but the hole sawas seem great because i can use them on lexan, and metal if i ever decide to make a case out of metal.


so i just got back from Home depot, i got my drill, but they didn’t have any bits spade, hole, or anything to make holes for 24mm and 30mm.


You have to order those online. Most odd metric measurments needed for japanese sticks are not available in the store.


^ what online stores would you suggest, I’m in the process of looking for some now, but i’m not having much luck




I’m thinking maybe the best option would be to get like a 22mm spade bit, and then either sand the rest for the 24 mm, or use the spade bit to make the hole bigger, same idea for the 30mm buttons


^ sanding from 22 to 30 mm on plexiglass isnt gonna work. hopefully you mean you will get one like 28 or something, but I’ve tried that also and sanding didn’t get me the two millimeters I needed. You really can’t sand plexiglass well. I used a chisel with angled sides, not just a sharp tip. I put the chisel in the slightly smaller holes and grinded all sides until my button fit. Of course it’s not a perfect circle, but every button comes with a lip to cover a certain margin of error, I definitely could not tell after the buttons were installed that such a rough method was used.


You can buy some here

30 mm

24 mm

You will need a mandrel bit.( Not that exact one but one that fits both your holesaws. Easy to find at any hardware store.) You can pick that up at home depot.


the 1 3/16" hole saw is too big of a hole. You should use a 1 1/8" hole saw. It will make perfect holes for 30mm buttons as well as happ and yenox buttons.


I have used it several time and have not had this problem. I use screw ins. Are you using snap ins or something? Happ buttons need a 28 mm hole, how are you fitting a 30 mm button in a 28 mm hole?


1 1/8" is approximately 29mm – that’s hte closest you might get in a store – kind of hard to find a 30mm bit in-store.

but a 1 1/8" forstner/spade bit will be fine if you have a dremel to make the holes big enough to fit the 30mm buttons.

that’s what I do.


I’m using screw ins. I have a hole saw set that goes from 1/2" all the way up to 2 7/8" I also have a forstner bit set that goes from 1/4" up to 2 1/8". The 1 1/8" bit or saw has worked best for the buttons. You should give it a try I guarantee you’ll start usin the 1 1/8" hole saw.