Making it big on youtube


I want to know what you guys think I should do to start off a youtube channel. Its not fighting game related it will be all games like walkthroughs and tutorials. I would want to do a show with my buddies where we have conversations and discuss topics while playing online. I wanna know what materials I need and what I can do to differentiate my show from other shows like CrossCounter or the online warrior or any game channel.

The purpose of my channel will be to entertain of course I also love editing in Final cut pro/ Sony Vegas. And I love shooting stuff I also really wanna make a name for myself.


Yipes "Dr.Doom" voice

You’re either likable or not. The way to be successful will come from more or less whether the content you produce is unique enough to keep people attracted to your channel or if you have a talent to do something that not a lot of other people can do.


Some simple guidelines for a youtube channel. These are my own opinions but I seriously think these matter.

  1. Act how you normally are. Don’t try to cater out to a certain group, just be yourself. You’re either going to have some people like it and some that maybe aren’t too fond of you or your videos. This is only normal. Even the big name youtube channels also have haters. You only have haters anyways if you’re on the rise or on the top right?
  2. We’re in a newer age of technology. Meaning, get your videos at HD if possible! You wouldn’t believe how many people shy away from videos just because it isn’t in HD or at least even watchable. I do suggest that you get an HD capturing device or just capture in HD in general. I have a HD PVR for my consoles and a monster computer so recording PC things are a breeze for me. Others don’t have that luxury but if you’re serious about it, you should try to slowly work your way up to capturing in higher quality. I didn’t have this setup from the get go either and had to slowly work my way up in quality.
  3. You’re consistency in your releases in videos. Make sure you’re constantly releasing videos whether it be weekly or everyday. Just keep them consistent and always try to get fresh clips and not the same thing. If its the same type of stuff, you better make sure the content is good.

Just some small tips for starting up. I’ve been too busy lately and I have a huge urge to get back into my tutorial/combo uploading again. It’s actually pretty addicting once you start to get things rolling and everything setup. Good luck bud.


Don’t pander.



Better off researching channels with big followings, study and dissect the person and their content. Once you’ve done that you have a blue print, all you need to do is add your own unique flavour.


Ok I have a dazzle that my cousin gave me to start off and I bought a mic but I can’t find aa HD PVR anywhere I still wanted a video camera and a tripod as well. I also have ideas that I don’t wanna say on the internet but I want to start right now but I dont want to record in awful quality…


I’ll look into this.




Dazzle is a good start if you can’t capture in HD yet. That was way better then what I started out with. I just used a small camera that could capture videos lol. Just do what works and work your way up.


Ok :smiley: if thats the case I should be able to start putting out videos tomorrow after work :slight_smile: Really excited.


Start from the beginning, and see how the they evolved into what they are today. This won’t be a couple of hours of research, if you serious I’d spend as much time as possible doing research and understand how youtube works, even if it means spending a month or attending seminars.


Look on amazon for a roxiogame cap, looks pretty decent IMO.


You could try quoting all the info you got in this topic into one post, rather than making a triple post.


Also instead trying to make it big, just do your thing and enjoy it. If ppl like u enough then you’ll get view and what not, well that and a healthy amount of effort.


are you sure that you can be consistent?


-Make first person shooter videos where you don’t actually talk about the gameplay
-Beg every person you know, both on and offline, to “like”, “favorite” and “subscribe” to your videos, as well as to follow you on facebook and twitter.
-Make wild, controversial or “exclusive” sounding titles without actually having anything particular information on that topic (IE, possible sequels, next gen systems, baseless rumors etc etc)
-Put like, 1 frame of a half naked woman in the video, and use that as a thumbnail.
-Offer free stuff, giveaways and promotions if you can get x amount of likes or subscribes, then just never do it.
-Make sure you have some impressive intro graphics with dubstep music.
-Get a machinima partnership
-Make a lot of videos either linking to older or other videos or just apologizing for not having new content.
-Pretend you had free stuff sent to you, endorse it with out actually using it, and then do unboxing+ giveaway videos. (IE, you MUST be legit if people are giving you stuff for free)


I’ve been tryin to do the youtube thang for over a year. Still don’t know much about promoting but I think its essential to enjoy the process. If you derive satisfaction from the response you get to your content you may find it difficult to stay motivated early on.


Be a extremely hot female with huge tits, or be a extremely swole dude.

The only other ways is to make retarded and pointless videos of cooking or even more retarded and pointless videos of cats doing nothing.


All I can tell you is try to be creative. I once watched this guys whole walkthrough on Ecco 2 because he was funny as fuck, none of that avgn stuff just flat out real with the game (and that game IS hard as fuck).


Pandering is acting like you are knowledgeable/and or care about something, but really you just want results or attention.


I was actually just going to suggest an infinite video of your av played with Guile’s theme.

Make it happen SRK.

See Clutch? Pandering^

Well, more like semi-humorous dickriding.