Making joystick box- Looking for Wii/360 compatability - Need help


Hey I am currently in the process of creating an arcade box. I feel very comfortable soldering and understanding how the setup works (at least I think).

Anyway I have a 360 Mad Catz retro (the cheasy one) setup right now for the box. It is wired up and tested and working properly. Im going to use a Euro terminal for the setup to connect the wires to the buttons/joystick.

I would like to add compatibility for a Wii also. What I would like to do is wire a classic controller to the box and when it comes time to play it I could just connect my Wii mote to cable from the classic controller.

Has this ever been performed before? What will I need? Will I need to install another switch to designate which board will run? I was thinking of simply piggy backing the wires from both the 360 and wii board (connect both boards to the terminal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!




Basically my question is how do you setup an arcade box with two controller boards,

  1. Read this thread. It covers the basics of 2 pcbs in one stick.

  2. If you want wii support, I would get a toodle’s cthulu board, It has gc/ps1-3/xbox1 support. Piggyback a madcatz 360 pcb to it and you will have multiconsole support with just 2 pcbs. You bumped 3 times and not even an hour has passed since your first inquiry.

  3. Try using google to search. It works better than the search function on the forums. Also give people time to answer your question.


I want classic contoller wii support though. Toodles does not work with Wii.

Thanks for the help


Then you’ll need to use a PCB from a classic controller or maybe a Wii Fighting Stick.


The cthlhu works with the wii just fine. I have been playing the hell out of tatsu.

The thing about the classic controller is it has to be hooked up to a wiimote, If you could manage to fit in a second pcb a dual mod of a Hori Wii would be possible


Just want to clarify; it works kickass on the Wii, but it plugs into Gamecube ports and not into the Wiimote.

Dual modding with a classic controller can be done, but it’s not the easiest pad hack. In order to get it common ground, you’ll need two resistors, a transistor, and a diode for each trigger. The padhacking thread contains info from one guy who’s done it.

Best of luck.