Making LEDs on a custom stick powered by the USB?


I have searched the forum (maybe didn’t look good enough) and found one really good guide for adding LEDs to your buttons. The problem is it involves using batteries. Is there a way too add LEDs to a stick and have it on the USB power? My stick uses the Toodles Chimp Board with the early version MS Xbox 360 controller board. If possible also a how to on making the joystick light up too (using a hollow shaft and bubble ball top). Any info would be awesome (including “it’s not possible”, lol).


That Thread shows how to use USB power.


Ah, I didn’t really read much after seeing that it needed batteries, lol.


led bubble top like mine?

but yes, you just tap the power off the usb or w/e you wish as a power source you want but. GL


:o I love how the bubble top lights up

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There are two things you can do:

Connect positive anode to signal wire of button, negative cathode to ground. Then LED will light when button is pressed.

Connect positive to 5v, and negative to ground, then LED will always be on.

Anything fancier involves trickier wiring or a PCB to control.