Making Movies with MAME for youtube

So now that we have CPS3 broken and MAME can record AVIs AND we have youtube, its time for those that said they were gonna make tutorials to come out of the wood work!

It’s easy for anyone to make a movie with MAME, but lets talk compression.

I’m not a video guru so I don’t even know wtf i’m doing / talking about, but it seems that before you start MAME you can choose what kind of codec you want to compress your movie in. I’m GUESSING divx is one of the best (its most popular) but whenever I try to select it, MAME always crashes.

So, I tried making an uncompressed movie, then using DIVX converter to convert it. No go, divx converter couldn’t even open the AVI.

What should I use? I’d like to make a relatively long movie and fit it in 100mb without sacrificing too much quality.

Thanks in advance guys!

i’d like to do the same, i’m interested in making a few tutorial video :slight_smile:

yeahh! if someone could make a tutorial on how to make tutorial videos I’ll make a tutorial on how to read it :slight_smile:

that just sounds retarded.

If you have no skill in video editing or anything then google tutorials for that… dont expect to get more information that necessary here.

ehh i was just joking

i just need a good method of compression. :\

virtua dub mod

right, but straight from the record AVI, whats the better codec?

divx seems to crash mame .117

and virtual dub won’t convert.

yes it will
you record to avi again with a different codec.